Map of the Bear Creek Greenway


Bear Creek Greenway

Bear Creek Greenway Oregon map area

Bear Creek Greenway


20 miles




Central Point, Central Point, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland


natural areas alongside Bear Creek, local parks, residential neighborhoods, commercial areas



The Bear Creek Greenway is a 20-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Bear Creek through the Medford area. The trail provides a commuter pathway for getting about the Medford area but also travels through the natural areas alongside the creek away from roadways and traffic.

The trail goes through miles of woodlands and wetlands and passes several local parks. The route is adjacent to residential neighborhoods and commercial areas.


The Bear Creek Greenway is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. There are long stretches of the trail without road crossings.


The Bear Creek Greenway goes past the following communities: Seven Oaks, Central Point, Medford, Phoenix, Talent and Ashland.

Points of Interest

The Bear Creek Greenway goes past the following points of interest:

Anhorn Field
Jackson County Fairgrounds
Rogue Valley Mall
Hawthorne Park
Medford Dog Park
U.S. Cellular Community Park 
Blue Heron Park
Ashland Ponds
Ashland Dog Park
End Points

The northwest end of the Bear Creek Greenway is located at the end of Dean Creek Road, just north of Interstate 5 and southeast of the interchange with N. Pacific Highway.

The southeast end of the trail is located at the end of Almeda Drive to the north of W. Nevada Street in Ashland.


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