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Beaverton, Oregon

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Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Dawson Creek Trails

Fanno Creek Regional Trail

Gabriel Park Trails

Highway 47 Bike Path

Iron Mountain City Park Trail

Kruse Way Trail

Noble Woods Park Trail

Rock Creek Trail (north)

Rock Creek Trail (south)

Stafford-Rosemont Trail

Tulatin River Greenway

Waterhouse Trail

Westside Trail



The cities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard and other nearby communities are located in the northwestern portion of Oregon, just west of Portland and south of the Columbia River. This is a beautiful area with majestic rivers, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes and dense forests. These communities are located in the Tualatin Valley where there are views of the Portland skyline, the surrounding foothills and the glacier covered Mt. Hood dominating the horizon to the east. This region has mild but wet winters and warm summers and is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts.

There are several major recreational trail systems in this area for walking and cycling. These trails take you through thick forests, alongside lakes or rivers, or can be used for commuting to work or school. There are also many, many shorter trail systems with walking and bike paths through neighborhood parks. If we aren't showing a recreational trail in your area on our map, check out our Resource section at the bottom of the page for additional maps and information provided by official sources in the communities.

Fanno Creek Trail

The Fanno Creek Trail is a paved and unpaved trail system that travels through the south Beaverton, Oregon, area. There are several intertwining trails that stretch out over a distance of 7 miles. It is used for enjoying the natural habitat and wildlife as well as a transportation route for commuters.

The Fanno Creek Trail travels through dense lush forests, along wetlands and through several large parks. There are a couple of sections where you will need to ride along local streets to get from one part of the trail to the other.

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Westside Trail

The Westside Trail is a 6-mile long paved trail that starts at Tualatin Nature Park off of the SW Tualatin Valley Highway in Beaverton, Oregon. The Westside Trail runs in a north/south direction thorugh the residential areas in the west side of Beaverton. The trail is separated from roadways except for the 1/4 mile section where you need to travel alongside SW 160th Avenue and SW Blanton Street and several street crossings at major roadways.

Heading south from SW Blanton Street, the trail travels along a greenbelt and several local parks. South of Division Street, the Westside Trail goes through Schuepbach Park. At SW Davis Road, the trail passes to the west of Chehalem Elementary School and then goes through, or passes by, Mt Williams Park, Burntwood Park, Hart Meadows Park, Sexton Mountain Elementary School, Beacon Hills Park, Aspen Crest Park, Murray Hill Park, Northview Park and Barrows Park.

The south end of the Westside Trail is ar SW Barrows Road near SW 154th Avenue in Tigard.

Rock Creek Trail

The north section of Rock Creek Trail is a 4-mile long paved path that travels though greenbelts and several parks on the northwest edge of Beaverton, Oregon. 

The west end of the Rock Creek Trail starts at the Rock Creek Powerline Soccer Fields on Rock Creek Boulevard north of Highway 26.  The trail goes directly east then winds through Northshore Estates Park and Allenbach Acres Park. After crossing NW West Union Boulevard, the trail heads to the northeast through Emerald Estates Park and Ben Graf Park. In this area there are junctions with the Stoller Creek Trail and the Waterhouse Trail. The Rock Creek Trail then heads directly east through Bethany Meadows Park and comes to an end at NW Skycrest Parkway near Stoller Middle School.

There is a separate section of the Rock Creek Trail located mostly on the south side of Highway 26. This paved trail starts just east of Rock Creek Park on NW Rock Creek Boulevard. It goes under Highway 26 but crosses NW Evergreen Parkway at street level. south of this road crossing it travels south through the woods of Rock Creek Trail Park.

Continuing south, the Rock Creek Trail crosses NW Cornell Road and NW Amberwood Drive to get to Orchard Park. The trail winds a bit farther through meadows and woods and ends at NW Wilkins Street.

Kruse Way Trail

The Kruse Way Trail is a paved path that runs on one side or the other of Kruse Way for 1.5 miles in Lake Oswego. The trail starts just east if Interstae 5 and stops at Boones Ferry Road.

Stafford-Rosemont Trail

The Stafford-Rosemont Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved and unpaved trail that runs alongside Rosemont Road in east Tualatin, south of Beaverton. The north end of the trail starts at SW Stafford Road and Overlook Drive near the Hazelia Field Dog Park. This trailhead is also near Lakeridge High School and the Lake Oswego Public Golf Course. The trail follows alongside SW Stafford Road for 1/4 mile then turns southeast to follow Rosemont Road.

There is also the Lushcer Farm Trailhead with parking at 0.6 miles south of the round-about of Rosemont Road and SW Stafford Road.

Waterhouse Trail

The Waterhouse Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved trail that runs through the neighborhoods on the northwest side of Beaverton. The trail starts at NW Springville Road and heads south. Near this end of the trail there is a junction with the Rock Creek Trail. the trail goes through several parks, including John Marty Park, Crystal Creek Park, Bronson Creek Greenway and goes by the Claremont Golf Club. The south end of the trail is at NW Bronson Road near the Highway 26 and NW Bethany interchange.

Highway 47 Bike Path & B Street Trail

The Highway 47 Bike Path is a 4-mile long paved path in Forest Grove, Oregon. It follows the Tualatin Valley Highway and extends from Beal Road on the north end to B Street on the south end. The B Street Trail takes off to the north from near the south end of the Highway 47 Bike Path and travels north to 16th Avenue in Forest Grove.

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

The Banks-Vernonia State Trail is the first Rails-to-Trails linear state park that was constructed in the State of Oregon. The 21-mile paved trail was built along the abandoned railway bed that extends from the City of Banks, Oregon, north to the City of Vernonia. Bank is located south of Highway 26 and is 24 miles west of Downtown Portland. Vernonia is located 45 miles away from Downtown Portland on Highway 47.

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