Map of Fanno Creek Regional Trail, Beaverton & Tigard, Oregon


Fanno Creek Regional Trail

Fanno Creek Trail Oregon map area

Fanno Creek Trail


7+ miles


paved / unpaved


Portland, Beaverton, Tigard


natural areas along Fanno Creek, local parks, schools, residential neighborhoods


Westside Trail



The Fanno Creek Regional Trail is a paved and unpaved trail system that travels through the south Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon, area. There are several intertwining trails that stretch out over a distance of 7 miles. It is used for enjoying the natural habitat and wildlife as well as a transportation route for commuters. This trail travels through dense lush forests, along wetlands and through several large parks. There are a couple of sections where you will need to ride along local streets to get from one part of the trail to the other. This is a multi-use trail for walking, running, jogging and cycling.


The Fanno Creek Regional Trail has paved and unpaved sections. There are a few gaps in the separate trail where trail users will need to use local roads to reach the next section. There are a number of street crossings, but most of the trail is located away from roads and traffic. The trail is open for bike riding, running  and walking.


The Fanno Creek Regional Trail goes past the following communities: Tigard, Beaverton and Portland.

Points of Interest

The Fanno Creek Regional Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Tigard Public Library
Fanno Creek Park
Woodard City Park
Fowler Middle School
Dirksen Nature Park
Greenway Park
Greenway Elementary School
Koll Center Wetlands Park
Fanno Farmhouse Park
Vista Brook Park
Portland Golf Club
End Points and Trail Description

The south end of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail starts at SW Fanno Creek Drive in the neighborhood located northeast of the intersection of SW Bonita Street and SW McDonald Street. From this location the trail winds north along the treeline between the residential neighborhood and Fanno Creek. Many of the local streets have a short access path to get to the main trail.

Just north of the Tigard Public Library the trail crosses SW Hall Boulevard and heads west through Fanno Creek Park. there is an access path from both sides on SW Ash Avenue. To the west, the trail crosses SW Main Street at street level and heads under SW Pacific Highway. This portion of the paved trail ends at SW Grand Avenue, but you can head south on SW Grand Avenue then west on SW Johnson Street for about 0.2 miles to continue traveling on the trail.

The trail then goes through Woodland City Park and continues travelling west. At SW Tiedeman Avenue, you need go south and ride alongside the road to the crossing to catch the trail as is goes through Dirksen Nature Park. This crossing is just north of Fowler Middle School. The Fanno Creek Regional Trail then heads north to cross SW Tigard Street then farther on it crosses SW North Dakota Street. The trail goes by Englewood City Park then crosses under SW Scholls Ferry Road.

After the underpass at SW Scholls Ferry Road, the network of trails winds through Greenway Park and Koll Center Wetlands Park. In Greenway Park, there is a access path to Greenway Elementary School on SW Downing Drive. At the north end of the Koll Center Wetlands Park, the trail crosses SW Hall Boulevard at street level. North of SW Hall Boulevard, the trail goes through another Fanno Creek Park. At SW Denney Road you need to cross the road at the intersection then ride the path along the north side of Denney Road over the Beaverton-Tigard Highway. At SW 105th Avenue, turn north and ride on the road for 1/4 mile to continue on the trail.

The Fanno Creek Regional Trail then takes a loop and heads southwest to SW Allen Boulevard and SW Scholls Ferry Road. Ride on SW Allen Boulevard for 1/10th of a mile to continue on the main trail.

At SW 92nd Avenue, the paved trail starts again and goes along a greenbelt past Vista Brook Park and south of Portland Golf Club. The Fanno Creek Regional Trail ends at SW Oleson Road 0.15 mile north of the intersection with SW Garden Home Road in Portland.


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