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Eugene & Springfield, Oregon

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Amazon Path

By-Gully Bike Path


Fern Ridge Path

I-5 Multi-Use Path

Kelley Booth Path

Lyle Hatfield Path

Middle Fork Path

N 42nd Street Path

Pioneer Parkway Path

Pre's Trail

Randy Pape Beltline Path

Roosevelt Blvd Multi-Use Path

Row River Trail

Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path

Sheldon Sports Park Trails




The cities of Eugene and Springfield are located in western Oregon, about 110 miles south of Portland, 55 miles from the Pacific Coast and a 2-hour drive from Crater Lake National Park. These communities are located along the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers in the Willamette Valley. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. With a fairly mild and dry climate, the area is know for its outdoor recreation opportunities.

There are several recreational trails for walking, running or riding a bike in this area, most notably the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path system that travels along both sides of the Willamette River. there is also the Fern Ridge Path on the west side of Eugene and the Middle Fork Path on the south side of Springfield.

Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path

The Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path system is a combination of interconnecting paved trails that are located on both sides of the Willamette River that flows through the heart of Eugene. These trails are used for a variety of non-motorized purposes and are a good place for a Sunday stroll, a quick jot through town on your bike or to go on your lunchbreak to do some people watching.

There are many parks along the Ruth Bascom Riverbank path system as well as several bridges to cross from one bank to the other. The trails extend along 7 miles of the Willamette River.

The north end of the trail system starts at Randy Pape Beltline where it crosses the Willamette River. From this point you can choose to travel on either the west or east bank of the river. There is a short section on the west bank trail where you travel along residential streets. The first pedestrian bridge crossing is at 1/5 mile south of the Beltline. There are multiple access paths from local neighborhoods leading down to the main path along the river.

As the Riverbank Path gets closer to Downtown Eugene, you go through Maurie Jacobs Park. There is a pedestrian bridge from this park over to Valley River Center. Farther south you travel through Kiwanis Park and Skinner Butte Park on the west bank and Alton Baker Park on the east bank. There are three pedestrian bridges that cross over to Alton Baker Park.

The path along the west banks stops at 0.2-miles past the Interstate 5 bridge. The path on the east bank extends to W. D Street in Springfield.

Fern Ridge Path

The Fern Ridge Path is a 7-mile long paved path on the southwest side of Eugene, Oregon. It travels along Amazon Creek through open grassland then through residential neighborhoods. It's a great place for bird-watching and for going for a bike ride away from traffic.

The west end of the Fern Ridge Path starts at the intersection of Green Hill Road and Royal Avenue. There is a small parking area with an access trail located 1/5 mile south on Green Hills. From the intersection, the trail wanders across the grassland heading southeast towards W 11th Avenue. It crosses under W 11th Avenue at Sam Reynolds Street. After this street crossing the trail travels between the warehouse and industrial buildings and the residential section. It goes along the north side of Berkeley City Park then the south side of Garfield City Park with all the community gardens.

The Fern Ridge Path crosses under Chambers Street and there is an access path going south to Westmoreland City Park. The Fern Lake Path continues for a couple more blocks, then you ride along W 16th Street for one block. There is one more short section of the paved path through Jefferson City Park and the path stops at W 15th Avenue. There is a lot of parking at this park and a couple of bridges over Amazon Creek.

Middle Fork Path

The Middle Fork Path is a 4-mile long paved located on the south side of Springfield. The path starts on the west end just north of the Dorris Ranch Living History Farm. There is a trailhead located at S 2nd Street just south of Dorris Street. The paved path heads southeast from this point through a wooded area then heads east to ride along the banks of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. This is a pretty ride through natural areas with viewpoints and fishing.

The Middle Fork Path is intersected by the Kelley Booth Path at about the midway mark.

The east end of the Middle Fork Path is located on Clearwater Lane at Clearwater Park. There is a trailhead with parking and farther south there is a boat launching area here and additional parking.

Kelley Booth Path

The Kelley Booth Path is a 2.6-mile long paved pathway that spans from a trailhead off of S. B Street to where it intersects the Middle Fork Pathin Georgia Pacific Park. The trail travels away from traffic and has a section within the wooded areas.

There is also a trailhead with parking along Jasper Road to the south of Agnes Middle School.

Amazon Path and Rexius Trail

The Amazon Path is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway located to the south of E. 18th Avenue and between Willamette Street and Hilyard Street on the south side of Eugene. The trail goes through Amazon Park, past the athletic fields, the Amazon Community Center, Roosevelt Middle School, the Amazon Pool, the Hilyard Community Center and the dog park.  The south end of the trail allows a connection to the Rexius Trail.

The Rexius Trail is 3.5-mile long unpaved loop that spans between E. 33rd Avenue and Martin Street between E. Amazon Drive and W. Amazon Drive on the south side of Eugene. The trail goes past Kincaid City Park and Charlemagne Elementary School.

Row River Trail

The Row River Trail is a 14-mile long paved pathway that is located in western Oregon. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way from Cottage Grove to Culp Creek. This area is locateid about 22 miles south of Eugene on Interstate 5.

The trail offers views of the Row River (rhymes with "cow") and Dorena Reservoir. The route also offers access to several hiking trails along the way. The Bohemia Mining Area is also located in this area of Oregon. One highlight of the trail is an historic trestle bridge that was used in the movie "Stand By Me".

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