Map of the Eastbank Esplanade & Waterfront Trails


Eastbank Esplanade & Waterfront Trails

Willamette River Trail Oregon map area

Eastbank Esplanade &
Waterfront Trails


4+ miles




Downtown Portland


Willamette River, Oregon Convention Center, bridges, skyline views, parks, restaurants, shops, Tilikum Crossing


Springwater Corridor Trail



The Eastbank Esplanade and Waterfront Trails are paved trail systems located along the Willamette River in Downtown Portland. These trails and the pedestrian lanes on the various bridges are a great place for visitors to Portland and for the locals. The trails offer fantastic views of the river, the bridges and the skyline of Downtown Portland. They travel through the local parks, and go past shops, restaurants, residential apartment complexes and office buildings.

The Eastbank Esplanade is a 1.7-mile long paved pathway that follows the east bank of the Willamette River adjacent to Downtown Portland in Northwest.Oregon. The trail spans between N. Steel Bridge and SE Caruthers Street and has connections to the pedestrian walkways along several of the bridges, including the Tilikum Crossing bridge for pedestrians and the MAX Light Rail lines. The route includes a span of the trail that extends out over the river.

The Waterfront Trails are 2-miles of paved trails that follow the west bank of the Willamette River adjacent to Downtown Portland. These trails travel through the parks along the river and near to the Portland State University Campus. 


The trails are paved and open for pedestrian use and cycling. Some sections are not appropriate for bicycles. There are pedestrian walkways on several of the bridges for crossing to the other side.

Points of Interest

The Eastbank Esplanade and Waterfront Trails go past the following points of interest:

Oregon Convention Center
SE Morrison Bridge
SW Hawthorne Bridge
Tilikum Crossing
SE Water / OMSI MAX Station
Hampton Opera Center
South Waterfront MAX Station
SW Moody & Mead MAX Station
Riverplace Marina
Gov. Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Portland State University
Oregon Maritime Museum
Japanese American Historical Plaza
NW Broadway Bridge
The Fields Neighborhood Park
Nearby Trails

Springwater Corridor Trail: the Springwater Corridor Trail starts just a few blocks south of Tilikum Crossing and crosses much of the Portland area.


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