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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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Corvallis & Albany, Oregon

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53rd Street Multi-Modal Path

Bald Hill Natural Area Trails

Chepenefa Springs Park Trail

Corvallis Multi-Modal Path

Corvallis-Philomath Multi-Modal Path

Dave Clark Trail

Highway 210 Bike Path

Midge Cramer Path

Periwinkle Creek Trail

Walnut Avenue Multi-Modal Path

Waverly Lake Trail

Willamette River Trail



Corvallis and Albany are small cities located to the southwest of Salem in Northwestern Oregon. These communities are located along the Willamette River and Interstate 9. Corvallis is the home of Oregon State University.

There are several recreational trails for walking and bike riding located in this area.

Willamette River Trail

The Willamette River Trail is a set of paved pathways that are located along the west bank of the river in Downtown Corvallis and to the south where it travels through Crystal Lakes Sports Field, Hendall Natural Area and Willamette Park.

The stretch of the Willamette River Trail in the downtown area is about a mile long and spans between a point to the south of the bridge for Highway 34 to NW Tyler Avenue. The south end connects to the Corvallis-Philomath Multi-Modal Path that heads to the west along Marys River. The Willamette River Trail travels alongside the river adjacent to the shops and restaurants in Downtown Corvallis. Trail users can also connect to the Highway 210 Bike Path by crossing the NW Van Buren Avenue bridge.

The southern stretch of the Willamette River Trail is a paved pathway that is just under 2 miles long and stretches from the Crystal Lakes Sports Park on SE Fischer Lane to SE Shoreline Drive in the neighborhood to the south of SE Rivergreen Avenue. The stretch travels through the parks and natural areas to the west of the river.

Bald Hill Natural Area

The Bald Hill Natural Area is located on the west side of Corvallis and has a 1.5-mile long paved pathway for bike riding and walking. There are also several miles of natural surfaced hiking trails withing the area. The trail can be reached from town via the Midge Cramer Path that heads to the west from the OSU campus. There are also trailheads on NW Oak Creek Drive and SW Reservoir Avenue.

Dave Clark Trail

The Dave Clark Trail is a 1-mile long paved pathway that travels alongside the Willamette River adjacent to Downtown Albany. The trail stretches from SW Calapoola Street to NE Oak Street.

Periwinkle Creek Trail

The Periwinkle Creek Trail is 1.8-mile system of paved pathways located in Albany. The trail spans from Kinder Park off of Oak Street to Grand Prairie Road SE and Davidson Street. The trail goes past Periwinkle Elementary School and Periwinkle Park.

Highway 210 Bike Path

Highway 210 has a 3-mile long paved bike path on the north side from the Willamette River to Riverside Drive.


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