Map of the I-205 Multi-Use Path in Portland


I-205 Multi-Use Path

I-205 Multi-Use Path Portland Oregon map area

I-205 Multi-Use Path


16.5 miles




Vancouver, Portland, Clackamas, Gladstone


bridge over the Columbia River, Rocky Butte Park,  commercial centers, local parks, residential neighborhoods, Clackamas Town Center


Marine Drive Bike Path

Springwater Corridor Trail

40-Mile Loop

Trolley Trail

Sunrise Expressway Multi-Use Path



Vancouver, WA

The I-205 Multi-Use Path is a 16.5-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside Interstate 205 from Vancouver to Gladstone in the Portland area of Northern Oregon. The pathway starts on the south end ov Vancouver, Washington and runs between the lands of Interstate 205 as it crosses the Columbia River. the pathway then follows alongside the freeway on one side or the other through most of the Portland area, as far south as Gladstone. The route takes it past multiple parks and natural areas as well as commercial districts, office parks and residential neighborhoods, crossing many of the major roadways in this section of the city.

The I-205 Multi-Use Path is used by people commuting to work and to school. It provides access to many major roadways and other points of interest. There are also several stations for the Portland Mass Transit System, TriMet, TC MAX Stations.

The I-205 Multi-Use Path also intersects the 40-Mile Loop Trail that wraps around the Portland area.


The I-205 Multi-Use Path is paved for the entire route. There are multiple locations where trail users will cross major roadways at street level. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking, though pedestrians should take caution as there are many cyclists.

There is a gap in the trail in Clackamas. Trail users will need to use SE 82nd Avenue and SE Highway 212 to reach the next section.


The I-205 Multi-Use Path goes past the following communities: Vancouver, Portland, Clackamas and Gladstone.

Points of Interest

The I-205 Multi-Use Path goes past the following points of interest: 

Glen L. Jackson Memorial Bridge
Parkrose / Summer TC MAX Station
Rocky Butte Natural Area & Park
Gateway Green
Gateway / NE 99th Avenue RC MAX Station
SE Main Street TC MAX Station
SE Division Street TC MAX Station
SE Powell Boulevard TC MAX Station
SE Holgate Boulevard TC MAX Station
Lents Park
Oliver P. Lent School
Wattles Boys & Girls Club
Lents Town Center / Foster Road TC MAX Station
SE Fuller Road TC MAX Station
Clackamas Town Center shopping Mall
Clackamas Town Center TC MAX Station
Nearby Trails

Marine Drive Bike Path: this trail can be reached at NE Marine Drive on the south side of the Columbia River.

Springwater Corridor Trail / 40 Mile Loop: the two trails intersect at a point between SE Foster Road and SE Flavel Street on the west side of I-205.

End Points

The north end of the I-205 Multi-Use Path is located at the end of SE 23rd Street to the south of Route 14 in Vancouver, Washington. The trail then tuck under the south bound land of I-205 and pops up between the north and southbound lanes to cross the Columbia River. On the south side of the river the trail tucks below the northbound lanes and has an overpass for crossing NE Airport Way.

The south end of the northern section of the path is located at SE 82nd Drive and SE Herbert Court in Clackamas. Trail users need to use SE 82nd Avenue and SE Highway 212 to reach the next section.

The southern 1.7-mile long section of the trail starts at SE Highway 212 and SE McKinley Avenue in Clackamas and ends at 82 Drive in Gladstone.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the I-205 Multi-Use Path in the Portland area of Oregon.