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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Salem, Oregon

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Salem, Oregon

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Bush Park Trail

Croisan Creek Trail

Minto-Brown Island Park Trails

Pacific Highway Multi-Use Path

Pond Trail

Riverfront City Park Trails

Salem Dallas Highway Multi-Use Path

Salem Parkway Bike Path

The City of Salem in located in Northwestern Oregon. Salem is located along the Willamette River and Interstate 9, about 48 miles south of Downtown Portland. Salem is home to Western Oregon University and Willamette University and is the capitol city of Oregon.

There are several recreational trails for walking and bike riding located in this area.

Minto-Brown Island Park Trails

Minto-Brown Island Park consists of 1,200 acres of natural area along the Willamette River. The park has open meadows, thick forests and miles of paved bikeways as well as unpaved hiking trails.

The park is located just southwest of Downtown Salem.

Highway 22 Multi-Use Path

There is a paved pathway for bike riding and walking that runs alongside Highway 22 from Downtown Salem to Rickreall Road.

Riverfront City Park Trail

Riverfront City Park is located along the Willamette River adjacent to Downtown Salem. The park has a playground and walking paths for a stroll along the river.


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