Map of bike paths / walking paths in the San Marcos area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in San Marcos, California

San Marcos California

San Marcos, California

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Alicante Road Trail

Cerro De La Posas Ridgeline Trail

Cima Trail

Citricado Parkway Trail

Copper Creek Trail

Discovery Lake Trail

Double Peak Trail

El Fuente Street Trail

Escondido Creek Trail

Harmony Grove Village Trail

Holandia Park Trail

Inland Rail Trail

Jacks Pond Trail

Lakeview Trail

La Moree Road Trail

Las Poses Road Trail

Poinsettia Lane Trail

Quarry Trail

Canyon Trail

Rancho Carrillo Trail

Rancho Dorado Trail

Rancho Santa Fe Drive Trail

San Elijo Road Trail

Sunset Park Trail

Sycamore Drive Trail

Twin Oaks Valley Road Trail

Woodward Street Trail



North San Diego County

San Diego

San Marcos is located in north-central San Diego County in Southern California. The city is situated in the foothills, set back from the coastline, but close enough for the afternoon breezes. It is a 35-minute drive from urban San Diego and only a few minutes from the beach. The city has a large network of multi-use paved and unpaved trails for getting about town or exploring the natural areas. Many trails have a wide soft surface that are suitable for equestrian use as well.

Some things to be aware of when traveling the trails around San Marcos are the existence of rattlesnakes and a possibility of mountain lions. Keep your children close, don't travel alone, keep your dogs on a leash and always carry a cell phone. It's a good idea to bring water with you and use sun protection as well.

Several of the major roads that run through San Marcos have a wide paved or unpaved pathway along one or both sides. These paths allow you to easily get around town, commute to the Sprinter Rail Line or to connect to trails heading off into the hills. These roads include:

  • Poinsettia Lane
  • El Fuerte Street
  • Rancho Santa Fe Road
  • San Elijo Road / Twin Oaks Valley Road
  • Craven Road
  • Mission Road
  • Borden Road
  • Las Posas Road

There are paved and unpaved pathways to access the city parks, natural areas, open spaces and other attractions:

  • Double Peak Park
  • Discovery Creek and Discovery Lake
  • Rancho Dorado
  • Las Posas Borden
  • Town Center
  • Cima Drive Loop
  • Oak Creek Ranch / Oak Creek Canyon


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Individual Maps for Recreational Trails in Southern California

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