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Escondido Creek Trail

Escondido Creek Trail California map area

Escondido Creek Trail


6.5 miles






Escondido Creek, commercial areas, residential neighborhoods, local parks


Inland Rail Trail


North San Diego County
San Diego

The Escondido Creek Trail is a 6.5-mile long paved trail that stretches across the entire city. The trail extends from a point southwest of Interstate 15 to the base of the foothills. There is a gap in the route in the Downtown Escondido area. The trail passes residential neighborhoods and goes through the heart of Escondido. The route of the trail runs adjacent to the commercial centers of Escondido.

Near the Escondido Transit Center the Escondido Creek Trail intersects with the Inland Rail Trail that heads out Mission Road to Poloma College.


The Escondido Creek Trail is paved the entire way. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and running. There is an underpass for Interstate 15 but numerous street crossings through the city.

There is a 0.5-mile long gap in the trail form S. Quince Street to N. Broadway. Trail users need to use the local streets to reach the next section of the trail.


The Escondido Creek Trail goes through the following communities: Escondido.

Points of Interest

The Escondido Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Del Dios Academy of Arts and Sciences
Escondido Transit Center
Grape Day Park
Washington Park
Mayflower Dog Park
Nearby Trails

Inland Rail Trail: the two trails meet near the Escondido Transit Center to the west of N. Quince Street and north of W. Valley Parkway.

End Points

The southwest end of the Escondido Creek Trail is located at the intersection of Citracado Parkway and Harmony Grove Village Parkway.

The northeast end of the trail is located at Beven Drive and Wohlford Drive on the east side of Escondido.


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