Map of bike paths / walking paths in the San Clemente area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in San Clemente, California

San Clemente map area

San Clemente is located along the Pacific Coast in Southern California. It is at the very south end of Orange County, north of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and 60 miles north of Downtown San Diego. It is a picturesque area with a beautiful stretch of beach and palm trees and the nearby hillsides full of lovely homes overlooking the ocean.

There are numerous recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in the San Clemente area. You can cruise along the beach or head east to the paths that wander through the residential areas with fantastic views of the beach community below. Many of the major roadways have side paths for commuting about town. You do need to realize that this is a hilly town and some rides may be a bit more challenging than others.

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San Clemente Pedestrian Beach Trail

There is a 1-mile long natural surfaced pathway along the beach in San Clemente that extends from the San Clemente Metrolink Station to the San Clemente Pier. It skirts the railroad tracks, so you need to watch out for trains, as this is an active line.

The northend of the trail is located at Ole Hanson Beach Club Park on Calle Deschecha off of El Camino Real. The pathway heads south from here along the bottom of the steep bluffs. There are several stairways along the route that lead down to the beach from the residential neighborhoods along the top of the bluffs.

The south end of the pathway is at the San Clemente Pier where you can walk out and see the waves coming in. This is also the location of the San Clemente Pier Metrolink Station.

Coast Highway Protected Trail

There is a 2.5 mile long paved path adjacent to the Coast Highway that is separated with a barrier to make it safer for bicycle riders. The north end of this two-way path is at the intersection of Coast Highway and Park Lantern, which is just south of the San Juan Creek Channel. Most of this protected bikeway is actually located in the City of Dana Point, which is the next beach city up the coast from San Clemente. the south end of the protected trail is located at the intersection with Camino Capistrano. There is a bike lane along El Camino Real if you wish to continue south, but it does not have the barrier.

Old Highway 101 Trail

The Old Highway 101 Trail is a 1-mile long paved trail located south of San Clemente. It is placed between the San Diego Freeway, Interstate 5, and the shoreline. This pathway allows cyclists and pedestrians to reach San Mateo Point and San Onofre Beach.

Peaceful Valley Trail

The Peaceful Valley Trail is an 4-mile long unpaved trail located in the hilly natural areas to the east of San Clemente. The trail starts at Christianos Road across from the San Mateo Campground. The trail meanders along the ridgeline up to Richard T. Steed Memorial Park at the intersection of Avenida La Pata and Calle Extremo on the northeast side of San Clemente.

The Peaceful Valley trail has some steep sections and as much as a 600 foot elevation gain, but there are beautiful views from the trail

Rancho San Clemente Trail

The Rancho San Clemente Trail is a 3-mile long paved trail that wraps around the Rancho San Clemente neighborhood through the natural open space areas. You can catch the trail at Calle Del Cerro, 0.2 miles from the intersection with Avenida La Pata or from San Clemente Skate Park at Richard T. Steed Memorial Park on Avenida La Pata.

The south end of the Rancho San Clemente Trail is located at the end of Avenue San Pablo.

Christianos South Trail & Christianos North Trail

The Chistianos South Trail is a 2.6-mile long unpaved pathway that follows the edge of the Rancho Mission Viejo Habitat Reserve Lands on the east side of San Clemente. The trail travels behind the residential homes east of Camino La Pedriza then heads north along the ridgeline to the end of Avenida Talega. At this point, the Christianos North Trail heads north for another 3/4 mile to a junction with the Talega Trail.

Talega Trail

The Talega Trail is a 2.5-mile long unpaved trail on the north edge of San Clemente. The east end starts at the junction with Christianos North Trail which comes up from the terminus of Avenida Talega. The trail then heads west through natural areas then alongside the Talega neighborhood residential areas. The west end of the Talega Trail is at a point northwest of Calle Canela where it meets up with the Prima Deshecha North Trail and the Forster Ridgeline Trail.

Prima Deshecha North Trail & Prima Deshecha South Trail

The Prima Deshecha North Trail and the Prima Deschecha South Trail make up 4.75 miles of unpaved trail that wander through the open spaces in the middle of the San Clemente community. There are only tow locations where these trails cross roadways, and both locations have underpasses. The north end is at the junction with the Forster Ridgeline Trail and the Talega Trail. The trail crosses Avenue Vista Hermosa near the intersection with Avenida La Pata and then cross Avenida Pico near Avenue Vista Hermosa.

The end of the Prima Deshecha South Trail is at the intersection of Avenida Pico and Camino De La Podriza. This location is also the south end of the Christianos South Trail.

Forster Ridgeline Trail

The Forster Ridgeline Trail is a 3-mile long unpaved trail that wanders through the open spaces in the middle of the San Clemente area. The north end is at the end of a road off of Camino De Los Mares. The trail then wraps around to the east then to the south. The south end of the Forster Ridgeline Trail is located along Avenue Visa Hermosa, east of the intersection with Camino Vera Cruz.


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