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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California map area

Anaheim, California

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Anaheim Coves Trail

Bud Turner Trail

Coyote Creek Bikeway

Craig Regional Park Trail

East Coyote Hills Trail

El Cajon Trail

Fullerton Parks Trail

Hiltscher Park Trail

Juanita Cooke Greenbelt Trail

Panorama Trail

Rosecrans Trail

Santa Ana River Trail

Santiago Creek Bike Trail

Yorba Linda Bike/Horse Trails

Yorba Regional Park



Mission Viejo

San Juan Capistrano

Inland Empire

Los Angeles

Anaheim is located to the southeast of Los Angeles. Other communities in this area include Fullerton, Placentia, Garden Grove, Orange and Yorba Linda.

Santa Ana River Bike Trail

The Santa Ana River Trail is a 31.2-mile long system of paved and unpaved pathways that extends from Huntington Beach to Corona and passes through Anaheim. The trail follows alongside the channel for the river then through the natural areas adjacent to the river. The route takes it past local parks and schools and it serves as a way for inland residents to get to the beach without having to deal with traffic.

The trail goes past commercial districts, residential neighborhoods, golf courses, office parks, industrial complexes and wetlands. The trail crosses numerous major roadways, but there are underpasses at most of the intersections. There is an elevation change of 400 feet along the entire route of the trail.

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Santiago Creek Bike Trail

The Santiago Creek Bike Trail is a 6-mile long paved pathway that spans between N. Broadway and Cannon Street in the City of Orange. The trail travels through the natural areas and parks alongside the creek. The trail goes past the MainPlace Mall, Hart Park, Rossier Park Elementary School, the YMCA, Grijalava Park and Yorba Park.

Yorba Linda Bike/Horse Trails

The City of Yorba Linda has a system of paved and soft-surfaced trails for bike riding and horseback riding that wander through the residential neighborhoods. The trail system connects to the Santa Ana River Trail at Yorba Athletic Park.


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