Map of the trails at Mission Bay, CA

Mission Bay Multi-use Recreational Trails, San Diego, California

Mission Bay Trails - San Diego, California map area

Mission Bay Trails - San Diego, California

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Bayside Walk

Mission Bay Bike Path

Ocean Beach Bike Path

Ocean Front Walk

Rose Creek Trail

San Diego River Trail

Tecolote Canyon Natural Park


San Diego

Mission Bay is located just north of the west end of Interstate 8. There are several paved walkways that follow the shoreline of the bay through numerous parks, past the restaurants, hotels, resorts, Sea World, the marinas, islands out on the bay, Mission Beach and along the outlet for the San Diego River.

Bayside Walk travels along the west shoreline of Mission Bay. On the south end, the Bayside Walk connects to Ocean Front Walk that takes you along Mission Beach past the beachfront townhomes, shops and restaurants.

There is also the Mission Bay Bike Path located along the eastern shores of Mission Bay that goes by the hotels and marinas. This path starts in the north at De Anza Cove Park then heads south through Mission Bay Park and Playa Pacifica Park. It goes past the entrance to Fiesta Island and then wraps around to the southern shoreline through South Shore Park and around Sea World. The trail then heads north across the water and through Vacation Isle Park and Ski Beach Park around Crown Point.

There is also a paved pathway along the shores of the outlet for the San Diego River. From here you can cross the river along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard to get to the Ocean Beach Bike Path, the Ocean Beach athletic fields, the dog park and the beach area.


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