Map of the Ojai Valley Trail and Ventura River Trail


Ojai Valley Trail and Ventura River Trail

Ojai Valley Trail California map area

Ojai Valley Trail &
Ventura River Trail


15 miles




Ventura, Casitas Springs, Oak View, Mira Monte, Ojai


Ojai Valley, Ventura River, rural communities, natural areas, local parks, schools


Emma Wood State Beach Trail


Thousand Oaks


The Ojai Valley Trail and Ventura River Trail are two paved pathways that create an 15-mile long trail that extends from Downtown Ventura to the small community of Ojai in Southern California.

The trails wander up the valley of the Ventura River from the beach to the residential neighborhoods of Ojai. In this area there are the numerous hiking trails of the Ventura River Preserve with opportunities to view wildlife and native vegetation.


The trail travels up the Ojai Valley going past the communities of Ventura, Casitas Springs, Oak View, Mira Monte and Ojai.

End Points and Trail Descriptions

The southwest end of the trail is located at Rex Street, off of N. Olive Street on the west end of Downtown Ventura. There is parking on Main Street or in the paved lot 100 yards west of the 33 underpass on the south side.

The trail heads east and goes by West Park and Sheridan Way Elementary School. The trail follows alongside Highway 33 for much of the route, but travels away from the highway in several long stretches. The trail goes by several local parks and neighborhood schools.

In Ojai, the trail goes past Rotary Community Park and Libbey Park. The northeast end of the Ojai Valley Trail is located at a point just east of Bryant Street in Ojai which is on the edge of Soule Park Golf Course.


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