Map of bike paths / walking paths in the San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and Laguna Niguel area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and Laguna Niguel, California

San Juan Capistrano California map area

San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and Laguna Niguel are located in the south of Orange County in Southern California. These cities are situated between Irvine and San Clemente along the Pacific Coast. It's a beautiful area with rugged hills rising above the coast.

There are numerous paved paths throughout this area for bike riding and walking. There is also a multitude of hiking trails that take off into the public areas in the hillsides.

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Aliso Summit Trail

The Aliso Summit Trail is a 5.5-mile long mostly paved trail on the north side of Laguna Niguel. The trail wanders adjacent to residential homes that site along the ridgeline above Aliso Creek Canyon. The north end of the trail is located at the end of Sea Point, off of Drakes Bay in the neighborhood west of Alicia Parkway. The south end of the trail is located on Pacific Island Drive, just south of Coronnado Pointe.

Crown Valley Parkway

The Crown Valley Parkway Trail is a 1.7-mile long paved trail that follows Crown Valley Parkway from Rancho Niguel Road to La Plata Drive.

Sulphur Creek Trail

The Sulfur Creek Trail is a 2-mile long paved trail that stretches from Laguna Niguel Regional Park to Crown Valley Parkway just east of Niguel Road. The trail goes past Sulfur Creek Reservoir, the Laguna Niguel YMCA and the Crown Valley Community Pool.

Salt Creek Trail

The Salt Creek Trail is a system of paved trails that extend from Niguel Ranch Road in Laguna Niguel to Salt Creek Beach Park at Dana Point. Part of the trail system follows alongside Niguel Road. Other sections head out through the natural areas. One branch heads over to Chapparosa Park and Redondo View Node Park. At one point along Niguel Road, the Salt Creek Trail splits and one side goes through Salt Corridor Regional Park. The two trails join again at Camino Del Avion and head along the north side of Monarch Beach Golf Links. The trail intersects the trails at Sea Terrace Community Park just east of Highway 1.

The Salt Creek Trail goes under Highway 1 and goes through Salt Creek Beach Park and stops along the clifs looking over the beach.

Colinas Bluff Trail

The Colinas Bluff Trail is a 2.4-mile unpaved trail that is located alongside residential homes along the bluffs looking over the Trabuco Creek Valley. The trail begins at Golden Lantern Street near Marina Hills Drive and end at Golden Lantern Street near Oakcliff Drive. The trail connects to the Salt Creek Trail and to the Shea Trail. The Shea Trail heads down into the valley and intersects with other trails near El Camino Real Park. The Colinas Ridge Trail also connects with narrow hiking trails along the way.

Oso Rancho Capistrano Trail

The Oso Rancho Capistrano Trail is a 2.3-mile unpaved trail that extends between the Rancho Soccer Complex off of Camino Capistrano and the junction of several trails near El Camino Real Park at the end of Old San Juan Road in the Trabuco Creek Valley. The trail goes through natural areas along Trabuco Creek the entire way and does not cross any roads.

Trabucco Creek Trail (West Bank)

The Trabuco Creek Trail (West Bank) is a paved trail that follows for 1.5 miles alongside the channel for Trabuco Creek on the west side. The trail extends from El Camino Real Park to the junction with the San Juan Creek Trail. The San Juan Creek Trail then extends all the way to Doheny State Beach at Dana Point.

San Juan Creek Trail

The San Juan Creek Trail is a 5-mile long paved path that extends from Doheny State Beach in Dana Point to Avenida Siega in San Juan Capistrano. The trail first follows the concrete channel for the creek then goes up the San Juan Creek Valley almost all the way to Rancho Mission Viejo Horse Park. The trail intersects the Trabucco Creek Trail and goes under Interstate 5 north of San Juan Creek Road. The trail follows along Calle Arroyo for most of the remainder of the route.

The northeast end of the San Juan Creek Trail is located at Avenida Siega and Calle Arroyo, 0.2 mile south of the Ortega Highway, Highway 74.

Coast Highway Protected Trail

If you want a ride along the beach, you can head down to the Coast Highway Protected Trail. The paved trail travels alongside N. El Camino Real for 2.5 miles from Doheny State Beach to Camino Capistrano in San Clemente. a bike lane continues into San Juan Capistrano, but it no longer has the buffer zone.


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