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Tucson, Arizona

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Arroyo Chico Greenway

Cañada Del Oro River Park Trail

Golf Links Aviation Path

Julian Wash Greenway

Old Spanish Road Multi-Use Path

Pantano Wash Trail

Rillito River Trail - The Loop

Sam Lena Park Path

Santa Cruz River Bikeway - The Loop




Tucson is located in Southern Arizona, 1 hour north of the border with Mexico and 2 hours south of Phoenix. This area is part of the Sonoran Desert that extends from Central Arizona to the City of Guaymas in Mexico and includes much of the Baja Peninsula. The terrain is rugged, with craggy peaks and wide flat valleys. The vegetation is that of saguaro cacti and other desert plants. The winter months are pleasant and sunny, but the summer months see temperatures over 100° F on a daily basis.

Be prepared if you plan to use the trails in the Tucson area. Bring plenty of water and watch the temperatures. During the summer can get very hot, even in the early hours of the day. There is very little shade.

Tucson has a number of extensive paved and unpaved recreational trail systems along the stream beds and river channels that form what is referred to as "The Loop", an almost continuous trail system that wraps around the city. Other trails extend into the outer suburbs. These are multi-use pathways for walking, riding a bike, running, commuting and observing the natural environment. Many of the trails travel near parks and schools along the way. Others follow alongside major roadways for a safer way to commute.

Santa Cruz River Bikeway

The Santa Cruz River Bikeway follows alongside the bed of the Santa Cruz River on the west side of the city. The trail starts from a point 15 miles north of downtown to a point two miles south of Route 86 on the south side of town. There are several sections to this trail, one section passes through Santa Cruz River Park, another section is known as Paseo de Iglesias. The Santa Cruz River is dry for most of the year, but may have water in the winter or spring or during rain storms during the summer. For most of the route their are pathways on both banks with underpasses and access paths for major roadway crossings.

The Santa Cruz River Bikeway is part of "The Loop" system of trails throughout Tucson.

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Rillito River Park Trail

The Rillito River Park Trail is a system of paved and soft-surfaced trails that follow the banks of the riverbed for the Rillito River for over 12 miles. The trail crosses the north side of the urban Tucson area from Interstate 10 to N. Craycroft Road. These trails are open for bikes, walking, dogs, and equestrian use (in areas allowed). The Rillito River Park Trail is part of "The Loop" system of trails.

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Julian Wash Greenway Trail

The Julian Wash Greenway is a 14.4-mile long paved pathway that is located on the south side of the Tucson Metro Area in Southern Arizona. At its northwest end the Julian Wash Greenway connects to the Santa Cruz River Bikeway. From here is heads to the southeast roughly paralleling Interstate 10. The trail goes past a number of local parks and skirts the south side of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The southeast end of the trail goes through wide open areas and past the Global Solar Energy Plant with the hundreds of solar collection units.

The Julian Wash Greenway is a portion of "The Loop", a system of multi-use paths that when completed will create a continuous loop around the Tucson area.

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Golf Links Aviation Path

The Golf Links Aviation Path is a paved path that travels alongside Aviation Parkway and Golf Links Road in the central area of Tucson.This is a good trail for commuters as it is separate from the roadway and has fewer road crossings that traveling along the streets through town.

The west end of the trail is located at Ironhorse Park at E. Broadway Boulevard and Barazza Aviation Highway. The trail then follows the roadway to the southeast to a break in the trail at S. Camila Stravenue and Aviation Road. Continue on Aviation Road for 0.4 miles where the pathway picks back up.

At the interchange of Aviation Parkway and S. Palo Verde Road there is a junction with the Palo Verde Greenway that heads off to the southwest.The Golf Links Aviation Path travels to the east from the interchange then follows alongside Golf Links Road. At S Wilmot Road the trail heads to the south along S. Wilmot Road. There is another turn at E. Nicaragua Drive, then again at S. Calle Polar and E. Escalante Road. The paved pathway stops at S. Kolb Road.

Pantano Wash Trail

The Pantano Wash Trail is a 7.7-mile long paved trail system located on the northeast side of the Tucson Metro area of Southern California. The trail currently extends from E. Glenn Road near N. Sahuara Avenue to S. Selarol Street.. In some locations there are trails on one or both sides of the channel for the waterway. The trail travels through commercial and residential areas and has underpasses for many of the major roadways.

The Pantano Wash Trail is one section of "The Loop", a collection of connecting recreational trails that when completed wrap around the Tucson Metro area. The nest section to the northwest is the Rillito River Trail. The next section to the south is the Harrison Greenway.

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Cañada Del Oro River Park Trail

The Cañada del Oro River Park is an 11-mile long paved pathway located on the northeast side of the Tucson urban area. The park extends from Interstate 10 in the center of Tucson to E. Tangerine Road on the north side of the city. The trail has few street crossings and has underpasses for crossing major roadways.

The southwestern end of the Cañada Del Oro River Park Trail is located at its junction with the Santa Cruz River Trail at the I-10 Frontage Road about 1/3 of a mile north of W. Orange Grove Road on the west side of the freeway. From this point, the trail heads off to the northeast, tucking under the interstate then follows the banks of the natural river bed. The trail uses underpasses at W. Ina Road and W. Magee Road. Northeast of W. Magee Road the trail goes right by the golf course of Omni Tucson National Resort.

The northeastern end of the Cañada Del Oro River Park Trail is located at E. Tangerine Road near E. Innovation Park Drive.

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El Paso and Southwestern Greenway

When completed, the El Paso and Southwestern Greenway will be a 6-mile long paved pathway that will be located on the east side of Interstate 10 and connect neighborhoods to the south of W. Speedway Boulevard and the Kino Sport Complex. The trail will provide a connection between other recreational trails in that area such as the Julian Wash Greenway. The planned trail will go past the Tucson Convention Center and through the neighborhoods of South Tucson.


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