Map of the Sinclair Wash Trail, Flagstaff, AZ


Sinclair Wash Trail, Flagstaff, Arizona

Sinclair Wash Trail Flagstaff Arizona map area

Sinclair Wash Trail


5.5 miles






natural area of Sinclair Wash, Northern Arizona State University, Fort Tuthill County Park, Coconino Fairgrounds


Arizona Trail
St. Francis Trail
N.A.U. Trail
Woodlands Village Boulevard Trail
Ponderosa Trail



The Sinclair Wash Trail is a 5.5-mile long unpaved pathway that passes through Flagstaff and heads to the south as far as Fort Tuthill County Park. At its northeast end the trail connects to the Arizona Trail. The trail then heads west through the rugged area alongside Sinclair Wash. It then crosses through the campus of Northern Arizona University, tucks under Interstate 40 and heads south.

The route includes residential neighborhoods and commercial centers. The Sinclair Wash Trail intersects several other recreational trails in the southwest Flagstaff area.


The Sinclair Wash Trail is unpaved. The trail is opne for bike riding, running and walking. There are relatively few road crossings and long stretches away from busy streets.


The Sinclair Wash Trail goes past the following community: Flagstaff

Points of Interest

The Sinclair Wash Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Lura Kinsey Elementary School
Walkup Skydome
Northern Arizona University Campus
Coconino Fairgrounds
Fort Tuthill County Park
Nearby Trails

Arizona Trail: the two trails intersect between the east and westbound lands of Interstate 40 about 2 miles northeast of S. Milton Road.

St. Francis Trail & Northern Arizona University Trail: these are trails located onthe N.A.U. campus and they intersect the Sinclair Wash Trail.

Ponderosa Trail: the two trails meet at the southwest side of the interchange between Interstate 40 and Interstate 17. The Ponderosa Trail goes under Interstate 17 and into the residential neighbohoods to the east side of the highway.

End Points

The northeast end of the Sinclair Wash Trail is located between the east and westbound lands of Interstate 40 about 2 miles northeast of S. Milton Road. There is no direct access to this location othern than using the Arizona Trail.

The southwest end of the trail is located at Fort Tuthill County Park to the west of Interstate 17, south of Flagstaff.


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