Map of the Pantano Wash Trail, Tucson, AZ


Pantano Wash Trail, Tucson, Arizona

Pantano Wash Trail Arizona map area

Pantano Wash Trail


7.7 miles






Morris K. Udall Regional Park, natural areas along the Pantano Wash channel, commercial areas, residential neighborhoods


Rillito River Trail

Harrison Greenway



The Pantano Wash Trail is a 7.7-mile long paved trail system located on the northeast side of the Tucson Metro area of Southern Califonia. The trail currently extends from E. Glenn Road near N. Sahuara Avenue to S. Selarol Street.. In some locations there are trails on one or both sides of the channel for the waterway. The trail travels through commercial and residential areas and has underpasses for many of the major roadways.

The Pantano Wash Trail is one section of "The Loop", a collection of connecting recreational trails that when completed wrap around the Tucson Metro area. The nest section to the northwest is the Rillito River Trail. The next section to the south is the Harrison Greenway.


The Pantano Wash Trail is paved, but there are unpaved sections along the way. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The Pantano Wash Trail goes through the following community: Tucson.

Points of Interest

The Pantano Wash Trail goes past the following points of interest:

For Lowell Park
Morris K. Udall Regional Park
Stefan Gollob Park
Michael Perry Park
Nearby Trails

Rillito River Trail: this is the next section of "The Loop" to the northwest of the Pantano Wash Trail. Trail users will need to travel 2.75 miles along E. Grant Road and N. Craycroft Road to reach the Rillito River Trail.

Harrison Greenway: this trail is the next section of "The Loop" to the south of the Pantano Wash Trail. The Harrision Greenway starts at the southeast end of the Pantano Wash Trail and then travels south for 4.75 miles, allowing a connection to the Julian Wash Greenway.

End Points

The northwest end of the Pantano Wash Trail is located at near E. Glenn Street and N. Sahuara Avenue in Tucson.

The southeast end of the trail is located at S. Harrison Road just south of E. Stella Road in Tucson.


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