Map of the New River Trail, Glendale, AZ


New River Trail, Phoeniz Metro Area, Arizona

New River Trail Arizona map area

New River Trail, Arizona


13 miles




Peoria, Glendale


natural areas along the New River, Peoria Sports complex, Rio Vista Community Park


Skunk Creek Trail
Grand Canal Trail



The New River Trail is a 13-mile long paved multi-use pathway system located in Peoria, Arizona, in the northwest portion of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It follows the route of New River as it wanders through the business and residential areas to the northwest of Highway 101. New River is a natural drainage way, rather than channelized, so there are more native plants and natural areas with opportunities to view wildlife.


The New River Trail is paved the entire way. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking. The route has few road crossings and underpasses for the major roadways.


The New River Trail is located in Peoria and Glendale on the northwest side of the Phoenix Metro area.

Points of Interest

The New River Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Peoria Sports Complex
Desert Harbor Elementary School
Rio Vista Community Park
Quail Run Golf Course
Nearby Trails

Skunk Creek Trail: the New River Trail meets up with the Skunk Creek Trail at Rio Vista Community Park in Peoria. This location is north of W. Thunderbird Road and west of the Agua Fria Freeway.

Grand Canal Trail: the south end of the New River Trail is located 1.25 miles to the west of the Grand Canal Trail along W. Bethany Home Road.

End Points

The north end of the New River Trail is located at a point along the New River at 0.5 mile north of W. Deer Valley Road in Peoria.

The south end of the trail is located at the intersection of W. Bethany Home Road and N. 107th Avenue in Glendale.


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