Map of the Arizona Canal Trail, Phoeniz, AZ


Arizona Canal Trail

Arizona Canal Trail Arizona map area

Arizona Canal Trail, Arizona


25 miles


paved / unpaved


Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale


Arizona Canal, local parks, schools, Metrocenter, golf clubs


New River Trail
Skunk Creek Trail
Cave Creek Wash Trail
Crosscut Canal Trail
Indian Bend Wash Trail



The Arizona Canal Trail is a 25-mile long paved and unpaved trail system that crosses through the northern side of the Phoenix Metro area. The trail follows alongside the Arizona Canal through Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale. This trail is a great way to get across town on a bike and it goes by several local parks and schools.

The Arizona Canal Trail intersects several other recreational trails along its route. There are access trails to reach the main roads and local neighborhoods along the trail.


The Arizona Canal Trail has paved and unpaved pathways. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.

There are not many locations for crossing the canal other than using the bridges along the roadways, though there is the occasional bridge for the trail users. There are underpasses for many of the major intersections, but not for all. You need to be sure that you are on the right path for the underpasses, as one pathway may have an underpass and other parallel pathway does not.


The Arizona Canal Trail goes through the communities of Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Points of Interest

The Arizona Canal Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Greenway Granada Park
Thunderbird Paseo Park
Paseo Racquet Center
Pioneer Elementary School
Marshall Ranch Elementary School
Arroyo Elementary School
Abraham Lincoln Traditional School
Cactus Wren Elementary School
Rose Mofford Sports Complex
Sunnyslope WIC
Phoenix City Offices
Arizona Biltmore Golf Course
Phoenix Bat Cave
Arcadia High School
Ingleside Middle School
G. R. Herberger Park
Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club
Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt
Pueblo Elementary School
Nearby Trails

New River Trail: the New River Trail is to the west of the west end of the Arizona Canal Trail and can be reached by travelling along the Skunk Creek Trail.

Skunk Creek Trail: the two trails meet to the east of N 75th Avenue to the south of W. Bell Road in Peoria. This is the northwest end of the Arizona Canal Trail.

Cave Creek Wash Trail: the two trails meet at Rose Mofford Park to the east of the Black Canyon Freeway and south of Peoria Avenue in Phoenix.

Crosscut Canal Trail: the two trails meet along E. Indian School Road at N. 64th Street in Scottsdale.

Indian Bend Wash Trail: the two trails meet  to the south of E. Indian Bend Road and west of N. Hayden Road in Scottsdale.

End Points and Route Description

The west end of the Arizona Canal Trail is located at N 75th Avenue near the intersection with W. Tierra Buena Lane, a point 3/4 of a mile south of W. Bell Road. There is also a junction with the Skunk Creek Trail near this location. The junction of the two trails can be reached from an access trail running along N. 73rd Avenue. Skunk Creek Trail then travels to the southwest and meets up with the New River Trail at Rio Vista Community Park.

The pathway along the north side of the American Canal goes right by Greenway Granada Park. At 67th Avenue the north bank trail goes under the roadway and the south bank trail crosses at street level. Next the south bank trail travels adjacent to Paseo Neighborhood Park at W. Thunderbird Road.

After crossing N. 59th Avenue at street level, the south bank trail goes by Marshall Ranch Elementary School. There is a path that crosses the canal with a bridge for crossing the secondary canal at the school as well, for use only when there is low water flow in the Arizona Canal. Pat this point, the trail is now in three separate paved paths heading to the southeast.

At N. 35th Avenue, the trail goes right by Washington Park and Cortez Lake.

The Arizona Canal Trail goes under Interstate 17 and then past Rose Mofford Park. At the park there is a bridge across the canal with a connection to Cave Creek Wash Trail. There is another bridge across the canal near N. 15th Avenue.

After crossing Dunlap Avenue, the trail goes right by Sunnyslope High School. The Arizona Canal Trail then crosses Central Avenue and N 7th Street before dipping to the south. The trail passes by several other major streets and goes under the Piestewa Freeway just south of E. Ocotillo Road. Just after passing the freeway, the trail travels near Granada Park. There is another bridge across the canal for the trail near N. 24th Street. Farther to the east, the trail goes past the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club. The trail continues going through several residential neighborhoods and passes G. R. Herberger Park near Indian School Road and N. 56th Street.

At N 64th Street the trail intersects with the Crosscut Canal Trail that heads to the south toward Tempe Town Lake.

The trail then heads in a northeasterly direction until reaching the Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club. At this point there is a junction with the Indian Bend Wash Trail, that heads off to the south along the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt. The Arizona Canal Trail continues traveling east for another mile and a half.

The east end of the Arizona Canal Trail is at N. Pima Road, a half mile south of E. Indian Bend Road.


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