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Recreational trails for walking and cycling in Bloomington and Richfield, Minnesota

Bloomington, Minnesota map area

Bloomington, Minnesota

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Bush Park Trail

Dred Scott Playfield Trail

Hyland Lake Park Trail

Long Meadow Lake Trail

Mt Normandie Lake Park Trail

Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail

West Bush Lake Park Trail



Eden Prairie


Minneapolis Metro

St. Paul

Regional Trails

Bloomington and Richfield are located to the south of the City of Minneapolis. The city is situated to the north of the Minnesota River. Bloomington is situated to the north of the Minnesota River and is home to the Mall of America. Richfield is situated just west of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail

The Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail is a paved pathway that jogs through Richfield and Bloomington just west of the airport. There is currently 4.6-miles of paved pathway developed for the trail.

The north end of the Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail connects to the portion of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway that wraps around Lake Nokomis. At this time there is a gap in the trail from E 65th Street to E. 68th Street. The south end of the trail is located just west of the Mall of America and the trail ends at E. 86th Street and Old Cedar Avenue S.

Hyland Lake Park Trails

Hyland Lake Park Preserve is located on the east side of Bloomington. This area has miles of paved and unpaved recreational trails that wander around Hyland Lake and through the adjacent natural areas. There are woodlands and prairie within the park as well as a large play area, the Richardson Nature Center, Hyland Hills Ski Area and an 18-hole disc golf course.

The trails within Hyland Hills Lake Park connect to other paved pathways along the major roadways.

Mt Normandie Lake Trail

Mt Normandie Lake is located to the south of W 84th Street. There is a 1.9-mile long paved pathway that wraps around the lake.

Long Meadow Lake Trail

The Long Meadow Lake Trail is a 6-mile long mostly unpaved pathway located on the southeast side of Bloomington. This area is located along the Minnesota River to the south of Interstate 494 and east of Cedar Avenue South. The trail is close by to the Mall of America and the northeast end of the trail is located at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

The Long Meadow Lake Trail includes a pedestrian bridge over the lake and connects to another bridge over the Minnesota River.


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