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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Brooklyn Center, New Hope, Crystal and Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota map area

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

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Bassett Creek Park Trail

Camden Central Pond Trail

Centennial Park Trail

Crystal Lake Regional Trail

Crystal Mac Wildlife Area Trail

Folwell Park Trail

Grand Rounds

Mississippi River Regional Trail

North Mississippi Regional Park Trail

Northport Park Trail

Palmer Lake Park Trail

Shingle Creek Regional Trail

Shingle Creek Trail

Sochacki Park Trail

Twin Lakes Regional Trail

Valley Place Park Trail

West River Road Bike Path


Brooklyn Park


Minneapolis Metro

St. Paul

Regional Trails

The communities of Brooklyn Center, New Hope, Crystal and Robbinsdale are located just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Brooklyn Center is situated along the Mississippi River.

There are several regional recreational tails that pass through this area that are part of the Three Rivers Park District. There are also local trails that wander through parks or follow alongside major roadways.

Shingle Creek Regional Trail & Shingle Creek Trail

The Shingle Creek Regional Trail is an 8.4-mile long paved pathway that is located in the northeast quadrant of the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area. The trail spans between Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center and goes past local parks and residential neighborhoods. 

The Shingle Creek Trail connects to other recreational trails in the area and is often used by people commuting to work or to school. The south end of the trail meets up with the Shingle Creek Trail which then connects to the paved trail of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway that wraps around much of Minneapolis.

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Twin Lakes Regional Trail

The Twin Lakes Regional Trail is a 4.4-mile long paved pathway that zig-zags through Brooklyn Center. Much of the trail follows alongside streets within residential neighborhoods.

At its northeast end, the Twin Lakes Regional Trail connects to Shingle Creek Regional Trail at Bass Lake Road to the west of Highway 100. At its southwest end, the trail connects to the Crystal Lake Regional Trail near the interchange between Highway 100 and Bottineau Boulevard.

Crystal Lake Regional Trail

The Crystal Lake Regional Trail is a system of separate paved pathways that extends from Elm Creek Park Preserve in Maple Grove to the intersection of Victoria Memorial Parkway and Bottineau Boulevard in Robbinsdale. There are several gaps in the trail system and numerous road crossings.

Within the City of Crystal, much of the trail follows alongside Bottineau Boulevard. This portion of the tail extends from Dutton Avenue N to Victoria Memorial Parkway.

Grand Rounds Scenic Byway

The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway consists of around 50 miles of parkways that are located throughout Minneapolis. There are over 100 miles of paved recreational trails within these greenways. The segments include: the Downtown Riverfront, the Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha, the Mississippi River, the Northeast section, the Victory Memorial and the Theodore Wirth section.

The trail includes numerous parks with lush woodlands, playgrounds, picnic areas, athletic fields, lakes and views of the Mississippi River and Downtown Minneapolis Skyline. Along the trail you will find interesting sculptures and other art works, lovely landscaping, informational signage, bits of Minneapolis History and lanes for bikes and pedestrians along the many bridges for crossing the Mississippi River.

A portion of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway is located just south of Brooklyn Center and connects to several other recreational trails in the area.

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North Mississippi Regional Park Trail & Mississippi River Regional Trail

The North Mississippi Regional Park Trail follows alongside the Mississippi River from Interstate 694 to 42nd Avenue N on the west bank of the river. The Mississippi River Regional Trail is located on the east bank. At 42nd Avenue trail users can connect to the Grand Round Scenic Byway.

The routes for these trails go through the natural areas along the river, are located away from traffic and have few road crossings.

Palmer Lake Park Trails

Palmer Lake Park is located on the north side of Brooklyn Center. The Shingle Creek Regional Trail wraps around the west side of the park. There are also paved pathways that wrap around the east side of the park.


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