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Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Lycoming Creek Bikeway

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Susquehanna River Walk

Williamsport Community Park Loop


Regional Trails

Williamsport is located along the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania.

Lycoming Creek Bikeway

The Lycoming Creek Bikeway is a 5.3-mile long paved pathway that follows Lycoming Creek and crosses nearby farmland and residential neighborhoods in Williamsport. The trail has bridges over the creek and passes several parks along the way.

The north end of the bikeway is located along W. Creek Road to the west of Lycoming Creek Road. The south end of the trail is located along 3rd Street to the east of Highway 15.

Susquehanna River Walk & Timber Trail

The Susquehanna River Walk and Tiimber Trail is an 7.7-mile long paved pathway system that follows the levee system along the river.

The western 5.7-mile long section of the trail spans between Maynard Street, just west of Downtown Williamsport to Faxton. This section follows both sides of the river and reaches the Williamsport Community Park.

The eastern 2-mile long section spans from Old Montoursville Lane along E. 3rd Street to N. Loyalstock Avenue in Montoursville.

Williamsport Community Park Loop

There is a paved pathway system in Williamsport Community Park located at Charles Street and E. Central Avenue. The pathways wrap around the athletic fields and connect to the Susquehanna River Walk.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

The Pine Creek Rail Trail is a 62-mile long unpaved pathway located 14 miles to to the west of Williamsport. The trail was built along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes through a very rural and beautiful part of the Pennsylvania countryside. The trail spans between Stokesdale to Jersey Shore and passes several other communities along the way. The route includes the Pine Creek Gorge with its 1000 foot high slopes on each side. The route goes through thickly wooded areas and wildlife is abundant along the trail.

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