Map of the Pine Creek Rail Trail


Pine Creek Rail Trail

Pine Creek Rail Trail Pennsylvania map area

Pine Creek Rail Trail


62 miles


unpaved - comapacted stone


Stokesdale, Asaph, Ansonia, Cammal, Waterville, Jersey Shore


rail trail, Pennsylvania countryside, Pine Creek Gorge, wildlife, rural communities


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The Pine Creek Rail Trail is a 62-mile long unpaved pathway located in north central Pennsylvania. The trail was built along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes through a very rural and beautiful part of the Pennsylvania countryside. The trail spans between Stokesdale to Jersey Shore and passes several other communities along the way. The route includes the Pine Creek Gorge with its 1000 foot high slopes on each side. The route goes through thickly wooded areas and wildlife is abundant along the trail.


The Pine Creek Rail Trail is not paved, but has an improved graded and compacted stone surface. The trail is open for non-motorized use, such as bike riding and walking. Horses are allowed only in certain sections. The grades are gentle and there are few road crossings, so it makes for a good family outing.


The Pine Creek Rail Trail goes past the following communities: Stokesdale, Asaph, Ansonia, Cedar Run, Slate Run, Cammal, Jersey Mills, Waterville, Ramsey, Tomb and Jersey Shore.

End Points

The north end of the Pine Creek Rail Trail is located on Butler Road off of Lower Marsh Creek Road to the north of Highway 6 in Stokesdale. There are a number of other parking areas along the route to stop and take a look at Pine Creek Gorge.

The south end of the trail is located at Railroad Street in Jersey Shore. There is parking and a restroom at this location.


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