Map of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail system


Erie to Pittsburgh Trail System

Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, Pennsylvania map area

Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, Pennsylvania

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Regional Trails

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is a system of separated recreational trails and roads between Erie and Pittsburgh. The trails starts at Presque Isle State Park across from the City of Erie, then heads up along the south shores of Lake Erie through the State of New York and then drops south to cross through several counties in Pennsylvania.

The trail is not continuous at this time and includes several sections of roadway. The trail system incorporates multiple agencies and trail organizations. Portions of the trail are unpaved and other portions are paved.

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail includes the following recreational trails:

Presque Isle State Park Trail
Great Lakes Seaway Trail
Bayfront Parkway
Great Lakes Seaway Trail
Chautaugua Rails to Trail
Corry Junction Greenway
East Branch Trail
Queen City Trail
Oil Creek State Park
McClintock Trail
Oil City Trail
Samuel Justus Trail
Allegheny River Trail
Armstrong Trail
Three Rivers Heritage Trail


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