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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Erie, Pennsylvania

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Bayfront Bikeway

Bayfront Promenade

Erie Downtown Walking Path

Presque Isle State Park Trail


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Regional Trails

Erie is located on the southern shores of Lake Erie in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The city has a number of recreational trails for getting about town on foot or by bike.

Bayfront Bikeway

The Bayfront Bikeway is a 9-mile long system of paved trails that extends from the Lake Erie Arboretum and Frontier Park to the Penn State Erie campus. The route of the trail includes the Presque Isle Bayfront area along Bayfront Parkway. It goes past marinas, restaurants and the harbor. One branch of the trail heads out to Lampe Park and Marina where you can watch the boats come and go from Erie Harbor.

The paved pathway then heads southeast alongside E. Bayfront Parkway. The east end of the trail is at the Behrend Campus Pennsylvania State University.

Presque Isle State Park

The Presque Isle State Park is located along a peninsula to the northwest of Erie. The peninsula has Lake Erie to the north and Presque Isle Bay to the southeast. The state park has a 13.5 mile long multi-use paved path that wraps around the entire park.


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