Map of the O & W Trail and the D & H Rail Trail


O & W Trail

O & W Trail Pennsylvani map area

O & W Trail


31.5 miles




Hancock, Starlight, Preston Park, Lakewood, Poyntelle, Union Dale, Forest City, Simpson


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D & H Rail Trail


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The O & W Trail is a 31.5-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between Hancock, New York and Simpson, Pennsylvania. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way through the thickly forested rural Northeastern Pennsylvania countryside. Much of the route of the trail parallels Highway 370, Highway 171 and Shehawken Creek. There are few road crossings and most of the route is located away from the roads.


The O & W Trail is open for non-motorized uses such as bike riding and hiking. The trail is unpaved and graded, but has a natural surface that is rough is some areas. It is not suitable for all varieties of bicycles. The trail is open for snowmobiles in winter months. There are a few gaps in the trail where trail users will need to use local streets to reach the next section of trail.


The O & W Trail goes near the following communities:  Hancock, Starlight, Preston Park, Lakewood, Poyntelle, Union Dale, Forest City and Simpson.

Nearby Trails

D & H Rail Trail: the O & W Trail meets up with the D & H Rail Trail north of Forest City. Both trails extend down to Simpson. The D & H Rail Trail takes a more westerly route and reaches the New York border north of Lanesboro.

End Points

The north end of the O & W Trail is located at Winterdale Road, in Starlight to the east of Hancock, New York.

The south end of the O & W Trail is located at Lord Avenue north of Reservoir Street in Simpson.


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