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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas map area

Lawrence, Kansas

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Baker Wetlands Trail

Burcham Park Trail

Clinton Parkway Trail

Clinton State Park Trail

DeVictor Park Trail

E. Lawrence Rail to Trail

Lawrence Levee Trail

Naismith Park Path

Prairie Park Trail

Rock Chalk Park Trail

Sesquicentennial Point Trail

South Lawrence Trafficway Trail


De Soto

Kansas City

Kansas City, MO


Lawrence is located roughly halfway between Kansas City and Topeka in northeastern Kansas. The city is situated along the Kansas River and is surrounded by wide open prairie and farmland. This is a historic location as the pioneers following the route of the Oregon Trail traveled along the Kansas River. Lawrence is also home to the University of Kansas.

Lawrence has several paved and unpaved recreational trails for bike riding, walking, running, enjoying the outdoors and commuting to work or to school. There are trails through parks and open space areas as well as many wide paved pathways along the major thoroughfares.

South Lawrence Trafficway Trail

The South Lawrence Trafficway is the name for Route 10 and is located on the south and west side of Lawrence. There is a multi-use paved pathway along two portions of the highway.

To the south of Lawrence, the South Lawrence Trafficway Trail is about 3-miles long and stretches between E 1500 Road and a point 0.6-miles west of Iowa Street. At this west end, the trail meets up with the Yankee Tank Creek Trail which reaches to E 1200 Road.

To the west of Lawrence, the South Lawrence Trafficway Trail is about 4-miles long and stretches between Clinton Parkway and N. 1750 Road.

Burcham Park Trail

The Burcham Park Trail is located just north of the downtown area. The trail travels along the west bank of the river and connects Downtown Lawrence to Burcham Park and the Sandra J. Shaw Community Health Park.

Sesquicentennial Point Trail

The Sesquicentennial Point Trail is located on the southwest side of Lawrence. The trail connects to trails at the Rotary Arboretum, the Clinton Lake Softball Complex and trails at Overlook Park.

Lawrence Levy Trail

The Lawrence Levee Trail is a 10-mile long unpaved pathway along the Kansas River north of the city. The trail goes past Riverfront Park and wraps around North Lawrence.


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