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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in De Soto, Kansas

De Soto, Kansas map area

De Soto, Kansas

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83rd Street Multi-Use Path

Kill Creek Park Trail

Kill Creek Streamway Trail

Sunflower Nature Park Trail


Kansas City


De Soto is a small community to the west of the Kansas City urban area.

Kill Creek Streamway Trail

The Kill Creek Streamway Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved trail that runs along Kill Creek on the south side of De Soto. The wide paved trail that runs alongside W. 83rd Street has a connector trail to reach the Kill Creek Streamway Trail at Commerce Drive.

Kill Creek Park

Kill Creek Park is located 4 miles south of De Soto. There are many unpaved and paved recreational trails located in the park for bike riding, walking and enjoying the outdoors. Within the park there is a 4-mile long paved trail along Kill Creek and paved trails along the Kill Creek Park Lake. Timber Ridge Adventure Center is located in the south part of the park.

Sunflower Nature Park

Sunflower Nature Park is located along W 103rd Street to the southwest of De Soto. There is a paved walking path loop at the park.


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