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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Topeka, Kansas

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Topeka, Kansas

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Deer Creek Trail

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Topeka is located on the eastern side of the State of Kansas about 58 miles west of Kansas City.

There are several recreational trails located in the Topeka area for bike riding, walking, running, enjoying nature and commuting to work or to school. A number of trails cross the city and others are located inside of the local parks.

Shunga Trail

The Shunga Trail is an 8.5-mile long paved trail that crosses through much of the city. The pathway travels along the greenbelt of Shunganuga Creek.The route of the Shunga Trail goes through, or close to, Crestview Park, Felker Park, Big Shunga Park, Shunga Glen Park, Kansas Expo Centre, Shimer Park, Cushinberry Park, Ripley Park and Eastborough Park.

The west end of the trail is located along S. 29th Street to the west of Interstate 470. The east end of Shunga Trail is located at SE 2nd Street near SE Kellam Avenue where it connects to Deer Creek Trail.

Lake Shawnee Trail

There is a 7.5-mile long paved trail around Lake Shawnee on the southeast side of the city. Lake Shawnee is located between SE 29th Street and SE 45th Street, off of SE Croco Road. There are athletic fields, picnic areas, restrooms, parking areas and fishing piers at the lake.

Landon Nature Trail

Within the Topeka area, the Landon Nature Trail is a 12-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that starts in the center of Topeka and heads to the south. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and passes residential neighborhoods and local parks. south of Topeka, the trail continues in an unimproved state.

The north 3.8-miles of the Landon Nature Trail is paved. The north end is located along SE 15th Street to the east of SE Monroe Street and extends to Se 45th Street on the south side of Downtown Topeka. The south end of the paved portion is located along SE 45th Street, just west of SE Truman Avenue. South of this point the trail is unpaved but graded. The southern portion of the trail goes through farmland and past the airport. The south end of this improved section is located along SE 89th Street to the west of SE Ratner Road.

The Landon Nature Trail goes past Cushinberry Park, the Shunga Trail, Lakewood Park, Betty Phillips Park and Forbes Field.

Soldier Creek Trail

The Soldier Creek Trail is a 1.8-mile long paved path on the north side of the city. The trail starts at NW Lyman Road and heads south. It crosses NW Topeka Boulevard near NW Paramore Street then goes around Garfield Park to end just past the Garfield Community Center.

Deer Creek Trail

Deer Creek Trail is a 1.3-mile long paved trail that connects to the east end of Shunga Trail on SE 2nd Street. The south end of Deer Creek Trail is located at SE 10th Street and th SE Deer Creek Trafficway.


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