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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Roswell, New Mexico

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Roswell, New Mexico

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Cielo Grande Trail

Hondo River Recreation Trail

Main Street Multi-Use Path

Spring River Recreation Trail

Roswell is located in Southeastern New Mexico. Roswell has three recreational trails for bike riding, running and walking. These trails cross the city and go past several parks.

Spring River Recreation Trail

The Spring River Recreation Trail is a mostly paved pathway that follows the route of the Spring River as it crosses through Roswell. The trail crosses over 4 miles of Roswell, but does have a couple of gaps where trail users need to use local streets to get to the next section.

The west end of the Spring River Trail is located at Riverside Drive, north of W. 2nd Street. From this point, the trail goes past the J Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center. Here there is a branch of the trail that extends up to W. 8th Street. The main trail continues to the east. The trail goes through Cahoon Park and past the swimming pool.

The east end of the Spring River Recreation Trail is located at Spring River Park on Atkinson Avenue.

Cielo Grande Trail

The Cielo Grande Trail is located on the northwest side of Roswell and includes over 2 miles of paved pathway. The trail is accessible from W. 8th Street and from N. Montana Avenue. The trail includes a loop around Cielo Grande Park, which is located on W. College Boulevard.

Hondo River Recreation Trail

The Hondo River Trail is located in the residential area on the south side of Roswell. It follows the channel for the Hondo River.

Main Street Multi-Use Path

Main Street has a 2.5-mile long paved multi-use side path from E. Hobson Road to E. Jaffa Street.


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Map of Recreational Trails in Roswell, New Mexico
Rosewell, New Mexico has a number of recreational trails for cycling and walking.

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