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Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Alameda Arroyo Trail

Las Cruces Dam Open Space Trail

La Llorona Trail

Outfall Channel Trail

Sonoma Ranch Multi Use Path

Triviz Multi Use Path

Union Multi-Use Path

Las Cruces is located in the southeast corner of New Mexico, about 45 minutes from Downtown El Paso, Texas. It is the second largest city in New Mexico. The city is built along the Rio Grande River in a desert setting with dramatic views of the rugged Organ Mountains to the east. The city is placed at the crossroads of the major interstates of 10 and 25, so many travelers stop by Las Cruces on their way to other destinations.

One of the main features of the city is New Mexico State University. Some of the destinations for day trips are to the local "ghost towns", to the Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument, Silver City, and City of Rocks State Park. There is also much in the way of outdoor recreation. Many people come to ride desert trails on mountain bikes, and there are nearby locations for hiking and camping.

Las Cruces has several paved recreational trails within the city for getting about town or just to enjoy the outdoors.

La Llorona Multi-Use Path

The La Llorona Multi-Use Path is a 4.8-mile long paved path that follows alongside the Rio Grande Riverbed on the west side of the city. The north end of the trail is at Run Along Road and the Outfall Channel, 1/3 miles north of Bales Road. You can also travel east on the Outfall Channel Trail from this point.

The La Llorona Multi-Use Path then heads south through the scrub brush along the river bed. The Rio Grande is usually dry or reduced to a small stream, except during certain months of the year. The trail goes under US Highway 70, W Picacho Avenue, and goes by La Llorona Park. There is parking at the park and a small playground. The trail continues heading south along the riverbed and goes under Interstate 10.

The south end of the La Llorona Multi-Use Path is at River Levee Road and Highway 359.

Las Cruces Dam Open Space Trail

There is a 2.7-mile long gravel trail along the top of the Las Cruces Dam. This trail is just east of Interstate 25 and north of E. Lohman Avenue. A parking area is located at E. Lohman Avenue.

Outfall Channel Trail

The Outfall Channel Trail is a 4.4-mile long paved trail that runs in an east/west direction just north of the center of town. The east end is located at N. Telshor Boulevard, about 0.5 miles from US Highway 70. The Outfall Channel Trail runs under Interstate 25. At this point, you can also catch the Triviz Multi-Use Path heading southeast.

The Outfall Channel Trail travels to the southwest from Interstate 25 and crosses under Main Street, US Highway 70. It follows El Camino Real Rod for 0.6 miles then takes off to the southwest to cross Dona Ana Road. Other road crossings include N. Valley Drive, Road Runner Lane and Burke Road.

The Outfall Channel Trail ends where the channel meets the Rio Grande River. You can choose to then travel the La Llorona Multi-Use Path going south along the Rio Grande.

Sonoma Ranch Multi-Use Path

The Sonoma Ranch Multi Use Path is a 3.6 mile long paved path that follows alongside Sonoma Ranch Boulevard on the far eastern side of the city. The north end of the trail is near the interchange of US Highway 70 and Sonoma Ranch Road. The trail heads south from here on the west side of the roadway. Along this route, there is a junction with the Rinconada Boulevard Multi-Use Path heading northwest and then the Alameda Arroyo Trail heading to the southwest.

Triviz Multi Use Path

The Triviz Multi-Use Path is a 4.5-mile long paved path that travels alongside N. Triviz Drive through the middle of Las Cruces. The north end of the trail is located where Triviz Drive takes a turn to the west. You can also catch the Outfall Channel Trail that travels to the west from this location. The Triviz Multi-Use Path heads to the southeast from this point.

The Triviz Multi-Use Path goes under E. Lohman Avenue but has multiple street level crossings with major roads along the route. The south end of the path is located at New Mexico State University Campus on E. University Avenue. You can hook up to the many walking paths throughout the campus from this point.


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