Map of the River Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico


River Trail in Santa Fe

Santa Fe River Trail New Mexico map area

River Trail, Santa Fe, NM


3 miles




Santa Fe


natural area along the river, parks, proximity to museums and shops.


Santa Fe Rail Trail


Santa Fe

River Trail is a 3-mile long paved path that follows the banks of the Santa Fe River as it flows through the north side of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The trail goes through the heart of Santa Fe going near musuems, shops and other cultural points of interest. The River Trail also goes through or nearby several parks along its route.


The River Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for walking, running and bike riding. There are few street crossings along the route.

Points of Interest

The River Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Historic Downtown Santa Fe
De Vargas Park
Footbridges Park
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Fe
Arroyos Mascaras Park
Altos Youth Center
La Familia Medical Center
Bicentennial Alto Park
Santa Fe Senior Citizen Center
John F. Ray Greigo Park
Rio Vista Park
Frenchy's Field.
Nearby Trails

There are other recreational trails within the City of Santa Fe, such as the Santa Fe Rail Trail, the Arroyo De Los Chamisos Trail and the Gail Ryba Trail. There are no direct connections between the River Trail and these other trails. Trail users will need to use the local streets if they wish to connect to the other recreational trails in the city.

End Points

The northeast end of the trail is at Sandoval Street and W Alameda Street at De Varga Park. De Vargas Park is located just southwest of all of the shops, galleries and restaurants in the center of Santa Fe. There are a couple of short stretches of trail to eht east of this point.

The southwest end of River Trail is at Camino Carlos Real. You can head south to the trails at Frenchy's Field where there is parking and other amenities. Frenchy's Field is located on Agua Fria Street.


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