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Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Carlsbad Irrigation Canal Trail

Living Desert Zoo & State Park Trail


Carlsbad is located in the southeastern portion of the State of New Mexico. It is 4.5 hours south of Albuquerque and 2.5 hours east of El Paso, Texas.

There are two major recreational trails in Carlsbad. These are the Carlsbad Irrigation Canal Trail and the Riverwalk.

Carlsbad Irrigation Canal Trail

The Carlsbad Irrigation Canal Trail is a 6.5-mile long paved trail that follows alongside the Carlsbad Irrigation Canal throughout the City of Carlsbad. The north end of the trail is at Carlsbad Spring Park at Westridge Road and Callaway Drive. This is also the location of Heritage Park. The trail heads to the south along the west bank of a canal from here. Along its rout, the trail passes Sunset Park, Chief Ira J. Sockwell Park, the Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad, Alta Vista Middle School, Troy Young Community Park and Pate Elementary School.

The south end of the Carlsbad Irrigation Canal Trail is at Highway 62 near S. Canal Street.


The Riverwalk is a 4.5-mile long paved pathway that wraps around Lake Carlsbad and Lower Tansill Lake on the Pecos River on the east side of the city, The trail wanders through several parks and other public spaces, such as Riverview Park, Lake Carlsbad Golf Course, Pecos River Village Recreational Center, Playground on the Pecos, Riverwalk Recreation Complex, Millennium Park, Dowling Aquatic Camp, Bataan Recreation Area, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Carlsbad Dog Park, Carlsbad Sports Complex and Lake Carlsbad Beach Park.


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