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Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Alameda Multi Use Path

Bear Arroyo Trail / Arroyo del Oso

Enchanted Hills Path

I-40 Trail

Manzano Expressway Multi-Use Path

North Diversion Channel Trail

Paseo Del Norte Boulevard Trail

Paseo de la Mesa Trail

Paseo del Bosque Trail

Paseo del Nordeste

Tramway Trail

Unser Boulevard Trail


Santa Fe

Albuquerque is located in centeral New Mexico. The city is located along the Rio Grande River and has views of the rugged Sandia Mountains to the east. The city is know for its Hot Air Balloon Festival, southwestern culture, the University of New Mexico and for its Spanish heritage. The establishment of Albuquerque dates back to 1706 as a Spanish outpost, pre-dating the American Revolution by 71 years.

Albuquerque is located on the northern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert that extends down into the country of Mexico. It has mild winters, but hot summers and has a very arid climate. It does snow here in the winter and there can be violent thunderstorms and flash flooding in the summer during the monsoon season. The elevation varies from 4900 feet along the river to 6700 feet in the foothills.

Albuquerque has a large recreational trail system for bike riding, commuting, walking and running. You can get about town, stroll along the river or visit a neighborhood park by using on of the paved paths. There are also many hiking trails in the Sandia foothills to the east of town. Be sure to bring adequate water and sun protection.

Paseo Del Bosque Trail

The Paseo Del Bosque Trail is a paved trail that travels along the banks of the Rio Grande River as it flows through the City of Albuquerque. From the northern most point to the southern end is about 15 miles, though the trail takes a big loop at the end and is located on both sides of the river in some locations. The trail goes through the brushy areas along the river and it is a good location for watching birds and seeing the other wildlife that visit or live along this riparian corridor through the city.

Read more about the Paseo Del Bosque Trail

Paseo Del Nordeste

The Paseo Del Nordeste Trail is a 3-mile long paved trail that extends from  Pennsylvania Street NE by Sandia High School then westward to the North Diversion Channel Trail north of Del Mar Avenue NE. This trail follows alongside the Hahn Arroyo through residential neighborhoods north of Interstate 40. This trail also passes through Montgomery Park on Comanche Road NE.

North Diversion Channel Trail

The North Diversion Channel Trail system consists of connecting paved trails that run alongside the North Diversion Channel for 8 miles. This trail is often used by students of the University of New Mexico as the trail travels through much of central Albuquerque and south end of the trail is right an the north end of the campus.

The north end of the North Diversion Channel Trail is located at Balloon Fiesta Park on Alameda Boulevard. A portion of the trail wraps around the north side of the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum and connects to trails along Alameda Boulevard. There is a bridge that crosses the channel to the northwest of the museum. From here the trail heads south along the west banks of the channel. The trail goes under Alameda Boulevard NE and has access trails up to Alameda Boulevard on the north and south side of the road.

Heading farther south, there is an underpass for Paseo Del Norte Boulevard with connections to the trail system along Paseo Del Norte going to the west. Farther south, at Osuna Road NE, you can connect to the trail system along Osuna going west of to the Bear Arroyo Trail going east. At 1/4 mile south of Montgomery Boulevard, you can connect to the Paseo Del Nordeste Trail going east. The North Diversion Channel Trail continues south going under Candelaria Road NE and Menaul Boulevard NE. After crossing under Interstate 40, the trail takes a curve to the west then heads south again.

At 1.6 miles south of the Interstate 40 underpass, the North Diversion Channel Trail stops at Tucker Avenue NE near the north end of the University of New Mexico Campus.

Unser Boulevard Trail

Unser Boulevard Trail is a paved trail that follows alongside Unser Boulevard NW for about 11 miles. The north end of the Unser Boulevard Trail is at MontaƱo Road NW. It then heads south along Unser Boulevard NW from here. At the intersection with Vulcan Road NW, the Mariposa Trail heads off to the northeast. The Unser Boulevard Trail then wraps around Petroglyph National Monument on the east side of Unser Boulevard NW.

Just north of the interchange with Interstate 40, there is a juction with the I-40 Trail. The Unser Boulevard Trail follows the road on the bridge over the interstate. The trail follows alongside the east side of Unser Boulevard SW all the way south to Dennis Chavez Boulevard on the south side of Albuquerque.

Bear Arroyo Trail

Bear Arroyo Trail is a two part paved trail that follows along the Bear Arroyo or Arroyo del Oso on the north side of Albuquerque.

The westerly section of the trail extends from Osuna Road NE to Highway 85. It is a little over 1 mile long.

The easterly section of the Bear Arroyo Trail wraps around the south side of Arroyo Del Oso Park alongside Osuna Road NE. East of Wyoming Boulevard NE, the trail then follows the channel heading east through residential neighborhoods and along the north side of Central New Mexico Community College Montoya Campus. The west end of the trail travels along El Oso Grande Park and stops at Juan Tabo Boulevard NE.

Embudo Arroyo Trail

The Embudo Arroyo Trail is a 4.2 mile long paved trail on the southeast side of Albuquerque. It follows alongside the Embudo Arroyo from Jerry Cline Park on Louisiana Boulevard NE near Interstate 40 to Tramway Boulevard NE, 0.5 mile south of Menaul Boulevard NE. The trail also goes through Snow Park and adjacent to Bellehaven Elementary School and Eubank Elementary School.

On the east end of the Embudo Arroyo Trail, you can connect to the trails that run along Tramway Boulevard NE.

Tramway Trail

Tramway Boulevard has a 8.5-mile long paved trail that runs alongside the roadway from the northeast end to the southeast end of town. The north end of the trail starts at Tramway Road NE and Tramway Boulevard NE. From here the trail follows alongside the east side of the roadway. At Paseo Del Norte, you can connect to the trail that runs alongside this street going west.

Other trails that you can connect to from the Tramway Trail are the Piedra Lisa Arroyo Trail just south of Candelaria Road NE and the Embudo Arroyo Trail at 0.5 miles south of Candelaria Road NE. The Tramway Trail stops just after the underpass for Interstate 40. At this point you can connect to the I-40 Trail.

I-40 Trails

There is a paved trail that runs alongside the south side of Interstate 40 for 2.5 miles on the southeast side of Albuquerque. The west end starts at Lomas Boulevard NE. The trail goes over Interstate 40 near Los Altos Park. There are access paths at the major intersection. The east end ot the I-40 Trail is at Tramway Boulevard SE.

There is a separate trail 5-mile long paved pathway that runs alongside Interstate 40 on the southwest side of Albuquerque. The west end of this trail is at the interchange with Unser Boulevard, where the trail follows alongside the on and off ramps. The trail goes to the east from this interchange, following along the north side of the interstate and has several access paths for the local streets whcih includes an overpass to Hanover Road NW on the south side of the interstate.

At Coors Boulevard NW, the I-40 Trail follows the on and off ramps to cross at Ouray Road NW. When the trail meets the Paseo Del Bosque Trail along the Rio Grande River, the paved path switches to travel along the south side of the interstate for another 2.25 miles. The trail stops at 6th Street NW.

Manzano Expressway Multi-Use Path

The Manzano Expressway Multi-Use Path is a 4-mile long paved pathway that follows alongside R Del Oro Loop N., the Manzano Expressway and S. Rio Del Oro Loop Road in the community of Los Lunes to the south of Albuquerque.


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