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Calumet Trail

Calumet Trail map area

Calumet Trail


9.8 miles




Chesterton, Burns Harbor, Dune Acres, Beverly Shores, Michigan City


Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Indiana Dunes State Park


Prairie Duneland Trail



Regional Trails

The Calumet Trail is a 9.8-mile long unpaved pathway that is located on the south side of Indiana Dunes State Park in Northern Indiana. The trail connects to multiple hiking paths that wander through the state park and roadways that lead up to the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The trail extends from N. Mineral Springs Road near W. Dunes Highway in Porter to W. 4th Street just west of Sheridan Avenue in Michigan City.

The trail runs adjacent to the South Shore Line of the NICTD. The trail goes past the Dune Park South Shore Station and the Beverly Shore South Shore Station.


The Calumet Trail is not paved and has a natural surface. The trail is open for bike riding and hiking, but is best suited for bikes with wide tires. the route is located away from roadways and traffic.


The Calumet Trail is located near the following communities: Burns Harbor, Dune Acres, Beverly Shores and Michigan City.

Nearby Trails

Porter Brickyard Trail: the two trail meet at the southwest end of the Calumet Trail. The Porter Brickyard Trail heads to the southwest and reaches as far as County Road 150 W.

Prairie Duneland Trail: the two trails come within 2.3 miles in Chesterton.

End Points

The southwest end of the Calumet Trail is located along N. Mineral Springs Road to the north of W. Dunes Highway, State Highway 12. There is a trailhead with parking at this end of the trail. This location is to the north of Chesterton.

The northeast end of the trail is located along State Highway 12 on the west side of Michigan City.


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