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Kokomo, Indiana

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Nickel Plate Trail

Industrial Heritage Trail

Jackson Morrow Walkpath

Wildcat Walk of Excellence



Regional Trails

Kokomo is located in Central Indiana, 50 miles north of Downtown Indianapolis. The city is located on Wildcat Creek and is surrounded by agricultural farmland. For recreational trails, the city has a rail-trail and trails along the Wildcat and Kokomo Creek.

Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence

The Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence is a 3.4-mile long system of paved paths for walking, bike riding and running. The trail extends from Hehling Park on W. Carter Street and Kingston Road to Future Park to the east of S. Apperson Way. The route takes trail users through the trees, past residential homes and  through several parks. The Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence intersects the Industrial Heritage Trail at S. Buckeye Street. There are a number of bridges along the route for crossing the creek.

The Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence connects several parks along Wildcat Creek including: Mehlig Park, Miller-Highland Park, Lokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center, Foster Park and Future Park.

Industrial Heritage Trail

The Industrial Heritage Trail is a 2.8-mile long paved pathway along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail runs north to south and includes several blocks within the downtown area along S. Buckeye Street. From Downtown Kokomo, the Industrial Heritage Trail heads to the south crossing the creek with an old railroad bridge. At this point it intersects the Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence. The rail-trail continues to the south, going through the residential areas, passing the American Legion Golf Course and ending just south of E. Lincoln Road.

There is another separate 1.2-mile long section of the Industrial Heritage Trial on the north side of Kokomo. It spans between the north end of N. Washington Street to Northside Park on Main Street.

Jackson Morrow Park Walkpath

Jackson Morrow Park is located on the south end of Kokomo on County Road W 300 S. and Park Road. The park has a 1.3-mile paved pathway that travels through the wooded areas of the park and around the turfed area.

Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail is a 37-mile long paved pathway that spans between Rochester and Kokomo in Northern Indiana. The trail is in two separate sections with a 2.5-mile long gap in the City of Peru where trail users need to use local streets to reach the next section. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor that crosses through open farmland and has relatively few road crossings. As well as traveling past farmland, through forested areas and across wetlands, the trail passes several historic sites that are reminiscent of the railway that passes through the area.

The Nickel Plate Trail goes past the following Northern Indiana communities: Rochester, Macy, Denver, Peru, Flora, Bunker Hill, Miami and Kokomo.

The south end of the Nickel Plate Trail is located at the intersection of Highway 35 and N. Reed Road to the north of Kokomo. There is a large trailhead with restrooms at this location.

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