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Evansville, Indiana

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Garvin Lake Trail

Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage - Pigeon Creek Corridor

Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage - Industrial Corridor

Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage - Riverfront Corridor

USI Burdette Park Trail


Regional Trails

Evansville is located along the Ohio River in Southern Indiana. The city has a recreational trail system that follows the Ohio River and Pigeon Creek. This area is the home of the University of Southern Indiana and is situated across the river from Kentucky.

Pigeon Creek Greenway

The Pigeon Creek Greenway is a system of paved trails that travels for over 6 miles along Pigeon Creek and the Ohio River. on the west side of Evansville. The trail system is divided into the Pigeon Corridor, the Industrial Corridor and the Riverfront Corridor. There are few road crossings along the trail and the trail goes through the natural areas along the creek and next to the majestic Ohio River.

The north end of the trail is located at the north end of N. Heidelbach Avenue. The trail then goes under Route 66, E. Diamond Avenue, and past Garvin Lake. The trail takes a couple of  large loops then goes past Lamasco Park on W. Columbia Street. The trail then meets the paved pathway along the Ohio River to the west of N. Fulton Avenue.

The Riverfront Passage portion of the trail system extends from the trailhead off of N. Fulton Avenue to Shawnee Drive. This section goes past Riverfront Park and the Tropcana Evansville Casino. Farther to the south the trail goes past the Four Freedoms Monument and the Evansville Museum. The trail ends at Sunset Park.

USI Burdette Park Trail

The USI Burdett Park Trail is located at the campus of the University of Southern Indiana. The trail has paved and unpaved sections and extend for 3 miles. It extends from the main campus to Burdette Park on Nurrenburn Road. The trail goes through thick forest and past athletic fields.


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