Map of regional recreational trails in West Virginia


Regional Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in West Virginia

Regional Trails, West Virginia map area

Regional Trails, West Virginia

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The State of West Virginia has a number of lengthy regional trails that wander through the beautiful countryside. Many of these trails were constructed along abandoned railroad right-of-ways or alongside a river. Regional recreational trails connect communities and offer ways for trail users to experience the natural beauty of the area away from roads and urban areas.

Allegheny Highlands Trail NW 24.5 paved / unpaved Leadville, Montrose, Parsons, Hendricks
Beckley Rail Trail S 4 paved Beckley
Blackwater Canyon Trail E 4 unpaved Thomas, Coketon, Douglas
Brooke Pioneer Trail N 6.7 paved Short Creek, Beech Bottom, Wellsburg
Caperton Trail N 6 paved Morgantown
Deckers Creek Trail N 19 crushed stone Morgantown, Brookhaven Masontown, Reedsville
Fore Pole Creek Trail W 2.5 crushed stone Huntington
Greenbrier River Trail SE 75 crushed stone Cass, Clover Lick, Clawson, Marlington, Seebert, Caldwell
Kanawha River Trail W 4.5 paved Charleston
Mon River Trail North N 18 crushed stone Star City, Morgantown
Mon River Trail South N 18 crushed stone Morgantown, Little Falls, Jordan, Fairmont
North Bend Rail Trail N 72 crushed stone Parkersburg, Ellenboro, Pennsboro, Salem, Wolf Summit
Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail N 16 crushed stone Fairmont, Monongah, Enterprise, Shinnston
Wheeling Heritage Trail N 16.5 paved Wheeling, Short Creek


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