Map of the Greenbrier River Trail


Greenbrier River Trail

Greenbrier River Trail West Virginia map area

Greenbrier River Trail


78 miles


compacted crushed stone / natural


Cass, Clover Lick, Clawson, Marlington, Seebert, Renick, Caldwell


forests, farmland, river valley, historic rail trail

The Greenbrier River Trail is a 78-mile long unpaved rail trail that extends from the town of Cass to a point north of the town of North Caldwell in the picturesque Greenbrier River Valley of Southeast West Virginia. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way, has gentle grades and few road crossings. The scenery is some of the best in the state with dramatic bridge crossings and tree covered hills. There are several tunnels along the route as well.

The trail is operated by the West Virginia State Park system.


The Greenbrier River Trail is open to bike riding, walking and horseback riding. The surface is compacted crushed stone with some paved sections. The trail is in a remote area of the state and there are few services.


There are numerous location where people can access the trail from the local road. Many of the communities along the route are quite small and have no services.

The Greenbrier River Trail goes past the following communities: Cass, Stoney Bottom, Clover Lick, Harter, Clawson, Thorney Creek, Knapp, Marlington, Stillwell, Buckeye, Violet, Watoga, Seebert, Kennison, Denmar, Beard, Locust, Horrock, Rorer, Golden, Renick, Gardner, Woodman, Anthony, Keister, Loopemont and North Caldwell.

End Points

The north end of the Greenbrier River Trail is located to the south of Cass along Deer Creek Road just south of Back Mountain Road.

The south end of the Greenbrier River Trail is located north of North Caldwell at Stonehouse Road, 0.4 miles to the north of the underpass for Interstate 64.


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