Map of the Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail


Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail

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Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail


16 miles


paved / compacted crushed stone


Fairmont, Monongah, Enterprise, Shinnston


river views, railroad bridge, local towns, forests


Marion County Trail
Mon River Trail South
Harrison County Parks & Recreation Trail



Regional Trails

The Ralph Larue Trail - West Fork Rail Trail is a 16-mile long mostly unpaved pathway that follows the West Fork River from Shinnston to Fairmont in Northern West Virginia.  The trail connects a number of communities and goes through some beautiful natural areas along the river. There are pretty views of the river, miles of thick forest and chance to see some wildlife.


The trail has a surface of compacted crushed limestone and is open for bike riding and walking. There are some paved stretches in the more developed stretches.

Connecting Trails

MCTrail: On the north end of Fairmont, the Marion County Trail (MCTrail) takes off to the north and connects to the Mon River Trail South that travels along the Monangahela River all the way to Morgantown.

Harrison County Parks & Recreation Trail: This is a 6.7-mile long trail that is located 3 miles south of Shinnston and spans between the towns of Spelter and Adamston.


The Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail goes past the following communities: Fairmont, Monongah, Enterprise and Shinnston.

Access Points

The north end of the Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail is located on the southwest side of Fairmont at the end of Edgeway Drive.

There is a large trailhead for the trail in the town of Monongah at the old train station off of Bridge Street.

The trail goes right past the park on Sunrise Street to the north of Enterprise.

The south end of the Ralph Larue - West Fork Rail Trail is located at Bolman Court, just south of Hood Street bridge in Shinnston.


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