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Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail Nebraska map location

Homestead Trail


30 miles




Lincoln, Roca, Princeton, Cortand, Pickrell, Beatrice


Nebraska countryside, rail trail, farmland, rural communities


Jamaica North Trail



The Homestead Trail is a 30-mile long unpaved trail that extends from the south side of the Lincoln area to the City of Beatrice. The surface is crushed limestone and the trail was constructed along the route of an abandoned railroad bed. Its treeline route takes your through wide open farmland away from the highways for much of the route.


The Homestead Trail has a graded surface of crushed limestone. The trail is open for bike riding and walking. You will be crossing several local roads along the way at street level or with underpasses. The crushed limestone surface is not suitable for every type of bike.


The Homestead Trail goes past the following communities: Lincoln, Roca, Princeton, Cortand, Pickrell and Beatrice.

Nearby Trails

Jamaica North Trail: the two trails meet at Saltillo Road to the east of Highway 77. Jamaica North Trail heads into the south side of Lincoln and connects to trails that reach as far as the downtown area.

The City of Beatrice also has its own expanding system of hike and bike trails. There is the Big Blue River Trail that follows alongside the river and extends from Riverside Park to Chautauqua Park to the southwest of Downtown Beatrice.

End Points

The north end of the Homestead Trail is located at Saltillo Road, just under a mile east of Highway 77 and about 9 miles south of Downtown Lincoln.  There is a trailhead with parking on Saltillo Road.

The Homestead Trail then heads to the southeast away from any highways. There is an 8 mile stretch where the Homestead Trail runs alongside Highway 77 near the town of Cortland. the trail also goes through the small town of Pickerell.

The south end of the Homestead Trail is located in Beatrice. The portion of the route in Beatrice is paved. The paved trail ends at Court Street and N. 2nd Street across from the Gage County Museum in the old railroad station. There is a restroom and sparking at this location.


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