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Kearney, Nebraska

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Bettys Trail

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Grand Island

Kearney is located in South Central Nebraska. It is situated just north of the Platte River and Interstate 80, 123 miles west of the capitol city of Lincoln. The city is the home of the University of Nebraska Kearney.

Kearney has a 9.5-mile long system of connected paved pathways that cross much of the city connecting residential neighborhoods, parks, schools and commercial areas. There are also multi-use paths that follow alongside portions of 30th Avenue and Railroad Street.

Pioneer's Path

The Pioneer's Path is a 3.8-mile long paved pathway located on the southeast side of the Kearny area. The trail spans from where it intersects Betty's Trail on the west side of 2nd Avenue to just past Kearney East Expressway. the trail goes past numerous ponds and the natural areas along the Platte River. The route includes a bridge over the river to reach the Great Platte River Road Authority Archway that spans across Interstate 80. This is a great trail for bird watching.

Betty's Trail

Betty's Trail is a 1.8-miles long paved pathway and spans between W. 11th Street and 2nd Avenue on the south side of Kearney. The trail follows alongside the tree lined canal and goes past Yanney Park and Yanney Lake. At its north end, Betty's Trail connects to Tailrace Trail. At its southeast end, the trail connects to Pioneer's Path.

Tailrace Trail

The Tailrace Trail is a 1.1-mile long paved pathway that spans between the Lincoln Highway and W. 11th Street. The north end of the trail is just west of Downtown Kearney and allows a connection to The Link's Trail. The Tailrace Trail follows alongside the canal, includes an underpass at the railroad tracts and connects to Betty's Trail at Yanney Park.

The Links Trail

The Links Trail is a 2.77-mile long paved pathway that spans between Cottonmill Lake State Recreation Area to Downtown Kearney. The Links Trail follows the canal and goes past the golf courses, residential neighborhoods and through the UNK campus. Its eastern end is located along W. 24th Street at 15th Avenue and allows a connection to the Tailrace Trail.

Three Bridges Hike & Bike Trail

The Three Bridges Hike & Bike Trail is a 1.7-mile long improved unpaved pathway that is located south of Interstate 80 at 2 miles east of the Kearney East Expressway. The trail can be reached from Imerial Road. The trail heads south, travelling over three bridges across the Platte River. The south end of the trail is lcoated in Fort Kearney State Recreation Area.


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