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Omaha, Nebraska

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Bellevue Loop Trail

Bennington Lake Trail

Big Papio Trail

Chicago Hills Recreation Area

Eugene T Mahoney State Park Trail

Keystone Trail

MoPac Trail

Omaha Riverfront Trail

Prairie Queen Recreation Area Trail

Ralston Trail

Walnut Creek Recreation Area

West Papio Trail

Zorinsky Lake Trail



Council Bluffs, IA

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. It is located in the far eastern part of the state between the bends of the Missouri River and the Platte River. It sits directly across the Missouri River from Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Omaha has a large and ever growing network of paved recreational trails throughout the urban area for bike riding, walking, running, experiencing the natural areas or commuting to work or school. Many of these trails are along rivers and greenbelts and connect several areas of the city. Other trails are located in large parks, alongside major roadways or run through residential neighborhoods. There are also pathways along bridges that cross the Missouri River to reach the trail system in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Omaha Riverfront Trail

The Omaha Riverfront Trail is a paved pathway that extends for over 22 miles along the Missouri River. It extends from a point 3 miles east of Fort Calhoun in the north to Mt Vernon Gardens in the south. Its route goes through wide open farmland, through forested stretches, past residential areas, adjacent to lakes, past the airport, next to several local parks and through the the riverfront area of Downtown Omaha, The entire trail is not continuous at this point in time and there are a few locations where it is necessary to travel along streets to reach the next section of trail.

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Keystone Trail and Bellevue Loop Trail

The Keystone Trail is a paved pathway that extends over 16 miles through the middle of Omaha. It follows the natural greenbelt created by Little Papillon Creek from Fort Street to Highway 75 and Capehart Road. From this southern point, the Bellevue Loop Trail wraps around Offutt Air Force Base and back north to Haworth Park on W. Mission Avenue.

The north end of the Keystone Trail is located at Democracy Park on Fort Street and Templeton Drive. From this point the trail goes south to go through Esther Pilster Park, under Maple Street, alongside Roberts Park and under Dodge Street. South of the underpass for crossing Pacific Street, there is a junction with the Boulevard Trail that heads east to Elmwood Park and beyond to Memorial Park.

The Keystone Trail continues south from the underpass at Pacific Street and goes past the University of Nebraska Omaha Pacific Campus, the College of St. Mary and Stinson Park. south of the underpass for W. Center Road, the Keystone Trail goes past the UNO Maverick Arena. There is an underpass for crossing Interstate 80 and just south of there the trail goes by Karen Western Elementary School. South of Seymour Smith Park, the Keystone Trail meets up with the Big Papio Trail at Harrison Street. Just south of Harrison Street, the trail goes nearby to La Vista Sports Complex. The Keystone Trail continues to the south alongside Big Papillon Creek.

In between Conhusker Road and Highway 370, there is a junction with the southernmost section of the West Papio Trail. The Keystone Trail continues to the south alongside the Tregaron Golf Course then tucks under Highway 75 south of Capehart Road. At this point it becomes the Bellevue Loop Trail.

The Bellevue Loop Trail wraps around Offutt Air Force Base then kicks back to the north alongside the Missouri River. The Bellevue Loop Trail ends at Haworth Park on E. Mission Avenue.

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Big Papio Trail

The Big Papio Trail is a 9-mile long paved trail that runs along the greenbelt of Big Papillon Creek.

The north end of the trail is at Hefflinger Park at the north end of Papillon Parkway. The paved trail heads south from the park and goes under Blondo Street and past the Miracle Hill Golf Course. The trail goes under the interchange of Highway 6 and Interstate 680 and then past Lamp Park. The trail continues and goes under Interstate 80 then past Happy Hollow Golf Club, One Pacific Place Park, Sunset Valley Golf Course and  and Towl Park. After going under Interstate 80, the trail goes next to Westgate Ball Park.

The Big Papio Trail goes under Highway 285 and S. 72nd Street then goes around Seymour Smith Park. At Harrison Street, on the south end of the park, the Big Papio Trail ends at the junction with Keystone Trail.

West Papio Trail

The two completed sections of the West Papio Trail are located on the west side and on the south side of the Omaha area. There are two completed sections for the trail with plans to make one continuous trail. The trail follows the greenbelt of Papillon Creek. These are paved trails.

The northwesterly section of the West Papio Trail is 7.8-mile long. The north end of the trail is located along N 156th Street just south of Maple Road. The route goes past Bluestem Prairie Preserve, past Aldrich Elementary School, under Highway 6, through Pacific Meadows Park and under Pacific Street. Continuing south, the trail goes right by J. Sterling Morton Elementary School, under Highway 275 and past Skutt Catholic High School. Just before crossing S 148th Street, there is a junction with a trail that leads over to Zorinsky Lake Park. The main trail continues heading south going under S. 144th Street then past Westchester Park. The south end of this section of the West Papio Trail is located at Millard Avenue, just east of S. 138th Street near Anderson Field.

The other 6.7-mile long completed section of the West Papio Trail is located on the south side of Omaha. It spans between Giles Road and S 108th Street to its junction with the Keystone Trail near S 36th Street.

MoPac Trail

The MoPac Trail is a 14.7-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between Schram Road on the south side of Omaha to Springfield, then continues south to cross the Platte River into South Bend. The northern portion of the MoPac Trail follows alongside S. 144th Street to Springfield. South of Springfield the trail goes past farmland and natural areas along the north shore of the Platte River. The trail uses a half-mile long historic railroad bridge for crossing the river. The end of the trail is located along 328th Street to the south of the small community of South Bend.

Bennington Lake Trail & Prairie View Lake Trail

Bennington Lake and Prairie View Lake are located in the community of Bennington on the northwest side of the Omaha urban area. There is a 3.6-mile long paved pathway that wraps around Bennington Lake and then goes east past Bennington High School and Elementary School. Another 1.5-mile long unpaved pathway wraps around Prairie View Lake to the west of Bennington Lake.

Zorinsky Lake Trails

There are miles of paved trails in Zorinsky Lake Park on the west side of Omaha. The park is located south or Highway 275 and east of S. 180th Street. Many of the trails lead into the nearby residential areas. There is a trail that heads east out of the park and joins the West Papio Trail near S. 147th Street.

Chiaco Hills Recreation Area

The Chiaco Hills Recreation Area consists of 245-acres surrounding Wehrspann Lake. The recreation area is located on the southwest side of Omaha, just west of Interstate 80 and south of Giles Road.

The recreation area has fishing, picnic facilities, a dog park, natural areas and opportunities to view waterfowl and other wildlife. There are several miles of paved pathways for walking and bike riding that wrap around the lake, extend into the natural areas. One pathway crosses the lake on a causeway. For those looking for a long bike ride, the trails at Chiaco Hills Recreation Area can be reached via the multi-use pathway alongside S. 144th Street.

Prairie Queen Recreation Area

The Prairie Queen Recreation Area is a 335-acre park that surrounds the reservoir. The recreation area is located on the south side of the Omaha area, to the north of Route 370 and east of Interstate 80. There is a 3.9-mile long paved pathway for walking and bike riding that loops around the reservoir. Parking is available to the northeast of Cornhusker Road and S. 132nd Street.

Walnut Creek Lake Recreation Area

The Walnut Creek Lake Recreation Area is a 450-acre mixed-use recreation area with a 105-acre reservoir that is managed by the City of Papillon on the south side of Omaha. The park includes a 3.1-mile long paved pathway for walking and bike riding that wraps around the lake. Other amenities include picnic facilities, a dog park, equestrian trail, boating and campgrounds.


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