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Louisville, Kentucky

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Anchorage Trail

Beargrass Creek Trail

Beckley Creek Park Trail

Bluegrass Parkway Multi-Use Path

Cherokee Park Path

Joe Creason Park Trail

Louisville Loop Trail (Ohio River Levee Trail)

Louisville Loop Trail (Pond Creek Corridor)

Louisville Loop Trail (RiverWalk)

Louisville Loop Trail (The Park Lands of Floyd Fork)

Ohio River Greenway

Seneca Park Loop

Thurman Hutchins Park

Louisville is located along the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky across from Clarksville, Indiana. Louisville is the largest city in the state and is the home to the University of Kentucky. This part of Kentucky has a rich history and a vibrant downtown area.

Louisville Loop Trail

The Louisville Loop Trail is a conceptual plan for a 100-mile loop of recreational trails that will wrap around the Louisville area. Several sections of the trail have been completed.The Louisville Loop includes pathways along the Ohio River, through dense forests, alongside creeks, past residential neighborhoods and local parks.

Most of the Louisville Loop is paved pathways, but some access paths are unpaved.


The RiverWalk is a system of paved trails along the Ohio River and is a section of the Louisville Loop Trail. The RiverWalk spans between W. Broadway and Bandman Park.

The RiverWalk has fantastic views of the Ohio River, with its boat and barge traffic and various bridges. The route of the RiverWalk includes past local parks, the Shawnee Golf Course, marinas, the Interstate 64 and Interstate 65 bridges, the US Lock and Dam, the Louisville and Portland Canal, the Clark Memorial Bridge and the Big Four Bridge, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

At its west end, the RiverWalk is now connected to the Ohio River Levee Trail which creates a 25-mile long stretch of continuous paved pathway.

Ohio River Levee Trail

The Ohio River Levee Trail section of the Louisville Loop is located along the Ohio River on the west side of Louisville. This section stretches between Shawnee Park on W. Broadway to Watson Lane, 0.7 miles to the west of the Dixie Highway. Much of the route goes past the more industrial part of Louisville, but to the south there are stretches of forests, local parks, residential neighborhoods and views of the Ohio River.

The northerly portion of this section follows alongside Southwestern Parkway and Camp Ground Road and the southern portion follows alongside Lower River Road. The Ohio River Levee Trail goes past Chickasaw Park, Riverside Gardens, Riverview Park and the Riverside Farnsley Moremen Landing.

Pond Creek Corridor

The Pond Creek Corridor will be another section of the Louisville Loop that will wander through the natural areas of Pond Creek on the south side of Louisville. A small 1.7-mile long paved portion of this section has been completed to the southwest of W. Manslick Road and north of the GeneSnyder Freeway.

The Park Lands of Floyd Fork

The Floyd Fork is a creek located on the east side of the Louisville area. A 19.5-mile long mostly paved section of the Louisville Loop has been completed along the Floyd Fork waterway. This section spans from Beckely Park on Shelbyville Road to Broad Run Park along Bardstown Creek Road. This is a beautiful section of the Louisville Loop with miles of dense forests, wetlands, athletic fields and walking paths.

The Floyd Fork portion of the Louisville Loop goes through the following communities: the far eastern part of Louisville, Hopewell, Seatonville and Thixton. The route includes: Beckley Creek Park, the Rolleigh Peterson Educational Forest, Pope Lick Park, Big Beach Woods, The Strands Bridge, Turkey Run Park and Broad Run Park. 


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