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Owensboro, Kentucky

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Adkisson Greenbelt Park

Jack C. Fisher Walking Trail

Legion Park Walking Trail

Moreland Park Walking Trail

Waymond Morris Park Trail


Evansville, IN


Owensboro is located along the Ohio River in Western Kentucky and directly south of the border with Indiana.

Adkisson Greenbelt Park

The City of Owensboro has a 15-mile long system of paved pathways that wraps around the western and southern sides of the city. The trails stretch from the interchange of Henderson Road and Highway 60 to Millers Mill Road to the south of Leitchfield Road. The trail goes past Joe Ford Nature Park, Jack C. Fisher Park, the office park adjacent to the airport and Waymond Morris Park.

Waymond Morris Park

Waymond Morris Park is located at Todd Bridge Road and Miles Road on the south side of the city. The park has 1.5-miles of paved walking paths that wrap around the park.


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