Map of the Tobacco Heritage Trail


Tobacco Heritage Trail

Tobacco Heritage Trail Virginia map area

Tobacco Heritage Trail


16.8 miles


paved / compacted crushed stone


LaCrosse, Brodnax, Lawrenceville


rail trail, farmland, bridges, forests, rural communities


Regional Trails

The Tobacco Heritage Trail is a 16.8-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that spans between LaCrosse and Lawrenceville in Southern Virginia. The trail follows along an abandoned railroad right-of-way as it goes across the countryside. The trail goes through small towns, passing farmland and long stretches of natural wooded areas. The trail is remote and has few road crossings. There are plans in the works to expand the Tobacco Heritage Trail to 160 miles to reach other nearby communities. A few short sections of separate trail currently exist.


The trail is open for bike riding, walking and horseback riding and has sections that are paved and others with a crushed stone surface. The paved section is from Brodnax to LaCrosse. There is a gap in the trail through the community of Brodnax.


The Tobacco Heritage Trail goes past the following Virginia communities: LaCrosse, Brodnax and Lawrenceville.

Access Points

The west end of the Tobacco Heritage Trail is located along Rocky Branch Road, just west of High Street in LaCrosse. There is a trailhead with a few parking spots at this location. Another parking area for the trail in LaCrosse can be found at S. Main Street and Meridith Street.

The trail has a gap in the town of Brodnax where trail users can travel along Railroad Street to get to the next section of trail.

A small trailhead is located along Evans Creek Road about 1 mile north of Highway 58.

The east end of the trail is locatedon South Street, just south of New Street in Lawrenceville.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the Tobacco Heritage Trail in Southern Virginia.