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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Reston, Virginia

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Reston, Virginia

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Baron Cameron Avenue Side Path

Blue Trail

Centreville Road Side Path

Claude Moore Park Trail

Dransville Road Side Path

Folly Lick Branch Trail

Pink Trail

Red Loop Trail

Sugarland Run Stream Valley Trail

Turquoise Trail

Washington & Old Dominion Trail





Regional Trails

Reston is located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia. The city is situated 15 miles to the west of Washington D.C.

Reston has a large network of recreational trails for bike riding and walking. The 45-mile long Washington & Old Dominion Trail goes through the heart of Reston. There are side paths along several of the major roadways in the area and there is a network of paved and unpaved pathways that wander through the residential areas. These pathways are for non-motorized use and open for bike riding and walking.Within this network or pathways are designated loops and routes known as the Green Trail, the Red Trail, the Pink Trail, the Turquoise Trail and the Blue Trail.

Washington & Old Dominion Trail

The Washington & Old Dominion Regional Park is the park that encompasses the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. The trail is a 45-mile paved pathway that extends from the heart of Arlington to the City of Purcellville in Northern Virginia. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and connects several other local communities along its route, including Reston.

The Washington & Old Dominion Trail is paved for its entire route and open for non-motorized use such as bike riding and walking. Much of the trail is located in urban areas and is a very popular trail for families. commuters and tourists. The grades are fairly level. The trail takes a diagonal route across the City of Reston.

The Washington & Old Dominion Trail goes past the following schools, parks and other points of interest in Reston. The parks listed each have parking areas and access paths to the main trail.

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