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Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Lytle Creek Greenway

Stones River Greenway

Stones River National Battlefield Trail



Murfreesboro is located in Rutherford County in Central Tennessee, 30 miles southeast of Nashville. Murfreesboro has a system of recreational trails called the Murfreesboro Greenway. These trails follow alongside the West Fork Stones River and Lytle Creek connecting several parks and residential neighborhoods. There are also paved and unpaved pathways within Stones River National Battlefield.

Murfreesboro Greenway

The Murfreesboro Greenway is a system of paved pathways that cross a large section of the Murfreesboro urban area. The trails expand for over 10-miles and include the Stones River Trail and Lytle Creek Trail. There are 13 trailheads with parking and maps posted about the city.

Stones River Greenway

The Stones River Greenway is an 8-mile long paved pathway that follows the West Fork Stones River from north to south. The trail meanders through the city and goes through woodlands and wetlands. The route passes residential neighborhoods. local parks, golf courses and commercial centers. Most of the trail is located away from traffic and there are relatively few road crossings.

The north end of the Stones River Greenway is located adjacent to the McFadden Cemetery on Van Cleave Lane. There is a parking area off to N. Thompson Lane to the north of NW Broad Street.

The trail goes past Stones River Country Club, Murfreesboro Bark Park, Old Fort Park, Fortress Rosecrans, Gateway Island Park and Cason Trail Greenway Park. There is also a branch of the trail that extends to the Stones River National Battlefield.

The Stones River Greenway intersects the Lytle Creek Greenway on the north side of Fortress Rosecrans, to the north of Old Fort Parkway.

The south end of the Stones River Greenway is located along Barfield Road to the north of St. James Street. There is also parking at this location.

Lytle Creek Greenway

The Lytle Creek Greenway is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway that heads to the east from Fortress Rosecrans on Old Fort Parkway. The east end of the trail is located at Murfreesboro Cannonsburgh on S. Front Street to the south of Broad Street.

Stones River National Battlefield Trails

The Stones River National Battlefield is a historic area to the northwest of Murfreesboro that was the location of a key battle of the Civil War. The park includes artifacts from the Civil War, interpretive signs, a cemetery and paved and unpaved walking paths. The Stones River National Battlefield can be reached from the Stones River Greenway trail by traveling north from the General Brag Trailhead on W. College Street.


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