Map of the Downtown Knoxville Greenways


Downtown Knoxville Greenways

Downtown Knoxville Tennessee map area

Downtown Knoxville Greenways


9+ miles


James White Greenway

Lakeshore Park Greenway

Liberty Street Greenway

Middlebrook Pike Greenway

Morningside Greenway

Neyland Greenway

Second Creek Greenway

Sequoya Greenway

Third Creek Greenway




Downtown Knoxville


Tennessee River, local parks, University of Tennessee campus, Downtown Knoxville, bridges, shops, restaurants, museums



The City of Knoxville has an expansive system of greenways with recreational trails for bike riding, running and walking. A number of these trails are situated along the Tennessee River adjacent to Downtown Knoxville.

These greenways go past multiple parks, commercial areas with restaurants and shops, museums and the University of Tennessee campus. The trails within the greenways are interconnecting for the most part and combine to create a system pf pathways that extend for over 9 miles. These greenways provide beautiful views of the river and of Downtown Knoxville skyline, the bridges and the landscaped parks and open spaces along the river.

The greenways that are included within the Downtown Knoxville area include: Lakeshore Park Greenway, the Sequoya Greenway, the Three Creek Greenway, the Second Creek Greenway, the Morningside Greenway, the Neyland Greenway, the Knox Blount Greenway, Middlebrook Greenway, Liberty Street Greenway and the James White Greenway.

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The recreational trails within the greenways in Downtown Knoxville area are mostly paved. The trails are open for bike riding, running and walking.

The routes of these trails include street crossings and some congested areas, but for the most part the trails are located away from traffic.

Points of Interest

The greenways of Downtown Knoxville go past the following points of interest:

Lakeshore Park
Bearden Elementary School
RecSports Complex
West High School
Sequoyah Park
University of Tennessee campus
UT Gardens
Thompson-Boling Arena
Neyland Stadium
Upper Tennessee Riverboat Museum
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame
Alex Haley Heritage Park
Morningside Park
World's Fair Park
Knoxville Museum of Art
Cherokee Farm
Marine Park


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